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Jaume Ripoll  • Director, Atlàntida Film Fest

"High season for tourism doesn’t necessarily mean low season for culture"

Jaume Ripoll • Director, Atlàntida Film Fest

Cineuropa had a chat with Jaume Ripoll, head of the Atlàntida Film Fest, a European-focused festival that...  

22/07/2020 | Atlàntida Film Fest 2020

María Ripoll  • Director

“The biggest challenge of my life is to make a good comedy”

María Ripoll • Director

Spanish director María Ripoll opts for romanticism, action and interculturality in Ahora o nunca  


Esko Rips • Producer

"Resources in Estonia are rather limited, so competition is pretty tough"

Esko Rips • Producer

We chat to Estonia's Esko Rips, one of EFP's 2018 Producers on the Move, about his work and the new...  

04/05/2018 | Producers on the Move 2018

Dino Risi - director


Dino Risi - director

Report and interview with Dino Risi during the 59th Venice Film Festival  

Sebastiano Riso  • Director

"With Una famiglia I created monsters"

Sebastiano Riso • Director

Una famiglia, the latest film by Sebastiano Riso is being shown in competition at Venice, and stars...  


Svetozar Ristovski

Producers on the Move 2015 - Macedonia

Svetozar Ristovski

We talk to producer Svetozar Ristovski, of Small Moves Films, who lives and works between Canada and his...  


Svetozar Ristovski • Director


Svetozar Ristovski • Director

Cineuropa interviewed Macedonian filmmaker Svetozar Ristovski at Brussels Film Festival about his film Lazar  


Fulvio Risuleo  • Director

"I like it when there is a strange side to reality and I like to accentuate that"

Fulvio Risuleo • Director

CANNES 2014: Cineuropa met up with Fulvio Risuleo, director of the short film Sourdough, which won the...  


Thorsten Ritter - CEO Bavaria International, World Sales

Industry report - Distribution

Thorsten Ritter - CEO Bavaria International, World Sales

Interviewed by Cineuropa, Thorsten Ritter explains the recent evolutions in the distribution sector and...  

Michael Ritto • Nordisk Film

Using the music model of teaming up with talents

Michael Ritto • Nordisk Film


Ryan Horrigan, Stephane Rituit • VR producers


Ryan Horrigan, Stephane Rituit • VR producers

CANNES NEXT: Cineuropa chatted with VR producers Ryan Horrigan and Stephane Rituit, of Canada's Felix &...  


Industry report - Animation

Xavier Rius Planas, Managing Director at Smartclip

Interviewed at the Cartoon Master in Murcia in April 2009, Rius explains the new forms of video-ads and...  

Enrique Rivero  • Director

"I see each film as a colour"

Enrique Rivero • Director

The third feature-length film by director Enrique Rivero, the co-production between Mexico and Spain...  


Ben Rivers  • Director of Krabi, 2562

“We were interested in trying to make a film about somewhere in flux”

Ben Rivers • Director of Krabi, 2562

Ben Rivers climbed to the top of a hill from his home in Somerset to talk to Cineuropa about Thailand and...  

27/05/2020 | /UK/Thailand

Edon Rizvanolli • Director


Edon Rizvanolli • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: We caught up with Kosovar director Edon Rizvanolli, who is in the East of the West...  


Francesco Rizzi • Director of Cronofobia

“For me, there has to be some kind of meaning behind a film’s mise en scène”

Francesco Rizzi • Director of Cronofobia

We chatted with Francesco Rizzi about his first feature film, Cronofobia, at the Lecce European Film...  

15/04/2019 | Lecce 2019

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