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Raphaël Balboni & Ann Sirot  • Directors of Madly in Life

"To maintain a balance while treading a fine line"

Raphaël Balboni & Ann Sirot • Directors of Madly in Life

We met with Raphaël Balboni and Ann Sirot, who were presenting their debut feature film Madly in Life in...  

07/10/2020 | Namur 2020

Adrian Sitaru • Director

“It’s hard to say when abuse becomes apparent, but it is easy to go there”

Adrian Sitaru • Director

After a world premiere at Toronto, Romanian director Adrian Sitaru shows his drama The Fixer at Les Arcs....  


Adrian Sitaru  • Director

"There is never a chance for a second take"

Adrian Sitaru • Director

Illegitimate, Adrian Sitaru’s fourth feature, courageously discusses difficult choices and incest; it had...  


Adrian  Sitaru  • Director

POV is the future of cinema

Adrian Sitaru • Director

Thirty-seven-year old Adrian Sitaru made a name for himself when his short film Waves won the Leopards of...  


Eyal Sivan • Director

Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival 2010

Eyal Sivan • Director

Israeli director Eyal Sivan spoke to Cineuropa about his documentary Jaffa, The Orange's Clockwork, which...  


Rasmus A Sivertsen  • Director

"Nowadays we sometimes forget that it’s the visuals that count in animation"

Rasmus A Sivertsen • Director

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian filmmaker Rasmus A Sivertsen, the director of animated feature Solan...  


Rasmus A. Sivertsen • Director

Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Pinchcliffe: A modern Christmas tale with a hint of the past

Rasmus A. Sivertsen • Director

Norwegian director Rasmus A. Sivertsen has been emerged in animation since he was very young. His latest...  


Video - Annecy Film Festival 2009

Rasmus A. Sivertsen - director of Kurt Turns Evil

Rasmus A. Sivertsen - director of Kurt Turns Evil  

Jamie Sives - actor

Shooting Stars 2003 - UK

Jamie Sives - actor

Sives, starring in Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself by Danish director Lone Scherfig, was the English choice  

Åsa Sjöström  • Director of The Last Circus Princess

“Circus families always stick together”

Åsa Sjöström • Director of The Last Circus Princess

Cineuropa talked to photographer and first-time director Åsa Sjöström, who is showing The Last Circus...  

31/01/2020 | Göteborg 2020

Vlado Škafar  • Director

“It's not about doing; it's about being”

Vlado Škafar • Director

Slovenian director Vlado Škafar spoke to Cineuropa about his new movie, Mother, his view on the art of...  


Vlado  Škafar  • Director

“In silence, language becomes like a paradise”

Vlado Škafar • Director

Vlado Škafar is one of the founders of the Slovenian Cinematheque. His new film Dad was the first...  


Vlado Škafar • director

Estoril Film Festival 2010

Vlado Škafar • director

Vlado Škafar talks about his his debut feature, Dad, presented at Estoril  

Agnieszka Skalska  • Producer, Koi Studio

"Documentaries can make a change, like drops that drill into a rock”

Agnieszka Skalska • Producer, Koi Studio

The Polish producer, one of the 2021 Emerging Producers, talks about her work and producing documentaries...  

22/02/2021 | Emerging Producers 2021

Marija Škaricic – Croatia

Shooting Stars 2011

Marija Škaricic – Croatia

Interview with the shooting star Marija Škaricic, was brought to the attention of audiences by Arsen A....  

Bill Skarsgård • Shooting Stars 2012 - 
 - Sweden


Bill Skarsgård • Shooting Stars 2012

Aged 21, Bill Skarsgård has gone from being a child actor to a leading man in no time. He is currently...  


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