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Jivan Avetisyan • Director of Gate to Heaven

“I’m still searching for ways to explain to my nine-year old son what happened and why”

Jivan Avetisyan • Director of Gate to Heaven

Armenia’s Jivan Avetisyan tells us about his latest feature, its exclusion from Moscow Film Festival and...  

26/11/2020 | /Armenia

Yossi Aviram  • Director


Yossi Aviram • Director

Cineuropa met up with the director of La Dune at the Bergamo Film Meeting. Le Pacte will release the...  

Lachezar Avramov  • Director of A Picture with Yuki

“Seeing the reality we are so used to through the eyes of a foreigner was really tempting”

Lachezar Avramov • Director of A Picture with Yuki

We chatted to Lachezar Avramov, a Bulgarian director whose film A Picture with Yuki has just won a Special...  

09/10/2019 | Golden Rose 2019

Alexandros Avranas  • Director

“Sadism is a good way to talk about the end of morality”

Alexandros Avranas • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2017: We talked to Greek director Alexandros Avranas about the sheer extremity of Love Me...  


Alexandros Avranas • Director

“The Greek cinematography industry functions like a lobby”

Alexandros Avranas • Director

Miss Violence, by Greek director Alexandros Avranas, was presented in several festivals but still awaits...  


Isabel Ayguavives  • Director

“I prefer to show and suggest”

Isabel Ayguavives • Director

Cineuropa met up with Isabel Ayguavives, the director of The Magnetic Tree, her feature debut  


Nabil Ayouch • Director

"Exploring the battles fought by the silent majority"

Nabil Ayouch • Director

TORONTO 2017: After the sensational Much Loved, Nabil Ayouch returns to Toronto with Razzia, world...  


Nabil Ayouch • Director

“Not seeing victims only from one side”

Nabil Ayouch • Director

In God's Horses, recently awarded two prizes in Namur, director Nabil Ayouch looks at the origins of the...  


Lubna Azabal - actress

Shooting Stars 2004 - Belgium

Lubna Azabal - actress

Belgian actress presents her latest film Exil by Gypsy director Tony Gatlif  

Rita Azevedo Gomes • Director


Rita Azevedo Gomes • Director

A Woman's Revenge was the only Portuguese production in competition at the 2011 edition of the Lisbon and...  

Rita Azevedo Gomes  • Director of The Portuguese Woman

“You can find an equal amount of truth in Dostoyevsky and in some quality contemporary writing”

Rita Azevedo Gomes • Director of The Portuguese Woman

BERLIN 2019: We caught up with Portugal’s Rita Azevedo Gomes to talk about her interesting casting choices...  

12/02/2019 | Berlinale 2019 | Forum

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