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Lina • Director of 5 Seasons of Revolution

“The story is not complete if it’s only about one person”

Lina • Director of 5 Seasons of Revolution

The debuting director takes on the Syrian revolution – and friendship – in her very personal documentary  

23/01/2023 | Sundance 2023 | World Cinema Documentary Competition

Jota Linares  • Director

“Everything is at stake in a close-up”

Jota Linares • Director

With the support of Beatriz Bodegas, Jota Linares has made his feature debut with Unbridled, a film...  


Christina Lindberg  • Actress

“I wanted to be more than just my body”

Christina Lindberg • Actress

Cineuropa met up with Christina Lindberg, the Swedish superstar of “artsploitation”, in Poland as she...  

21/08/2019 | New Horizons 2019

Petter Lindblad

Producer on the Move 2014 – Sweden

Petter Lindblad

Swedish producer Petter Lindblad’s new feature, Beyond Beyond, was selected for Berlin and has so far been...  


Tea Lindeburg  • Director of As In Heaven

"There are still 300,000 women a year who die in childbirth"

Tea Lindeburg • Director of As In Heaven

The Danish director's feature debut centres on a teenage girl in the late 1800s who sees her dream of...  

24/09/2021 | San Sebastián 2021 | Competition

Marcus Lindeen  • Director

“This experiment showed us that peace and harmony are possible in society”

Marcus Lindeen • Director

We chatted to Swedish director Marcus Lindeen after his The Raft won the DOX:Award, the top prize at the...  

26/03/2018 | CPH:DOX 2018

Melissa Lindgren  • Producer, Story

“I rarely get as struck by fiction films as by documentaries”

Melissa Lindgren • Producer, Story

The 2022 Emerging Producer from Sweden believes that the strongest and most fascinating stories are found...  

08/03/2022 | Emerging Producers 2022

Gustav Lindh  • Actor

"As far I can remember I always wanted to be an actor"

Gustav Lindh • Actor

BERLINALE 2021: We discuss fiction, reality, acting, challenges and dream directors with the young Swedish...  

03/03/2021 | Shooting Stars 2021

Tobias Lindholm  • Director

"In general, war is as life: complex and nuanced"

Tobias Lindholm • Director

VENICE 2015: A War - Tobias Lindholm's third feature, in which he also "gave life to his words" - was...  


Tobias Lindholm • Director

"Reality is so cleverly designed that it always surprises us"

Tobias Lindholm • Director

A Hijacking is the rising star of Danish cinema's second feature as a director after R. He also co-wrote...  


Tobias Lindholm, Michael Noer • directors

Rotterdam International Film Festival

Tobias Lindholm, Michael Noer • directors

Directors Tobias Lindholm and Michael Noer talk about their Danish prison drama, R, a competition film in...  

David Lindner Leporda • Producer, Filmallee GmbH

“In documentaries there is no escape”

David Lindner Leporda • Producer, Filmallee GmbH

Interview with David Lindner Leporda, producer for German outfit Filmallee GmbH and selected for the 2019...  

01/03/2019 | Emerging Producers 2019

Julia Ducournau, Vincent Lindon  • Director of and actor in Titane

“For the first 25 minutes, you go: ‘Wait a minute, where am I?!’ And then, you just know – inside a love story”

Julia Ducournau, Vincent Lindon • Director of and actor in Titane

CANNES 2021: In her competition entry, the French director introduces the oddest pairing since The Shape...  

16/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Competition

Suzanne Lindon • Director of Spring Blossom

“My character has no tools to fight against the fact that she is bored”

Suzanne Lindon • Director of Spring Blossom

We chatted to Suzanne Lindon about her New Directors-screened feature debut, Spring Blossom, also touching...  

23/09/2020 | San Sebastián 2020 | New Directors

Lars Lindstrom • Producer


Lars Lindstrom • Producer

VENICE 2017: We talked to Lars Lindstrom, producer of Amanda Kernell's Sámi Blood, a finalist of the LUX...  


Sophie Linnenbaum • Director of The Ordinaries

"Only by consciously turning to and questioning these mechanisms of narratives can we become storytellers ourselves"

Sophie Linnenbaum • Director of The Ordinaries

The director unpicks her movie, and how she lets the outside discourse of identity, social caste and media...  

07/07/2022 | Karlovy Vary 2022 | Competition

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