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Henrik M Dahlsbakken • Director of Munch

“We don't know the man behind the art, even though, not only for Norway, he is a big part of our cultural heritage"

Henrik M Dahlsbakken • Director of Munch

We talked to the director about the big gap that exists between our knowledge of the art and of the life...  

30/01/2023 | IFFR 2023 | Limelight

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken • Director

"I believe in the intuition an actor gets when something sounds right"

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken • Director

Cineuropa met up with young Norwegian director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, whose second feature film, Late...  


Video - European Film Awards 2009

Stephen Daldry and David Kross - director and lead actor of The Reader

British director Stephen Daldry and German actor David Kross tell about the adaption of Bernhard Schlink’s...  

Interview - Berlin Film Festival

Stephen Daldry - director

British director Stephen Daldry presents at press conference his film The Hours  

Guy Daleiden  • Director, Film Fund Luxembourg

"Give our societies the opportunity to diversify, and to not miss the digital boat"

Guy Daleiden • Director, Film Fund Luxembourg

We met with Guy Daleiden, the director of the Film Fund Luxembourg, who chatted to us about the state of...  


Industry Report - EAVE 2009

Guy Daleiden - Director Film Fund Luxembourg

The Luxembourg tax shelter  

Andreas Dalsgaard  • Director


Andreas Dalsgaard • Director

VENICE 2016: Danish director Andreas Dalsgaard teamed up with Syria's Obaidah Zytoon to make The War Show,...  


Lance Daly  • Director

“The Great Famine has affected the whole country”

Lance Daly • Director

BERLIN 2018: We chatted to Irish director Lance Daly, whose Black 47, presented out of competition at the...  

18/02/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Out of competition

Rebecca Daly  • Director

"There’s huge pressure on films to make money"

Rebecca Daly • Director

Irish director Rebecca Daly, who was invited to participate in Les Arcs’ "Nouvelles femmes de Cinéma"...  


Manuel José Damásio • Coordinator, FILMEU

“Our mission is to develop a European university that is a model for collaboration and integration in the fields of the arts and the creative industries”

Manuel José Damásio • Coordinator, FILMEU

FILMEU, an alliance of four prestigious European film schools, aims to set up a European University of...  

26/03/2021 | /Europe/Portugal

Eden Dambrine • Actor, Close


Eden Dambrine • Actor, Close

10/12/2022 | European Film Awards 2022

Per Damgaard Hansen • Producer

"I’ve become aware of the importance of challenging myself as a producer"

Per Damgaard Hansen • Producer

Danish producer Per Damgaard Hansen, who co-founded Masterplan Pictures, is participating in EFP's 2018...  

07/05/2018 | Producers on the Move 2018

"I forced the limits of the cinematic language beyond the borders"

Anca Damian • Director

Anca Damian blends several animation techniques to make the first Romanian animated feature in two decades.  


Producer on the Move 2010 - Germany

Oliver Damien


François Damiens • Director

"Nobody can act better than someone who doesn’t know they're acting"

François Damiens • Director

We met up with François Damiens, whose directorial debut, Mon Ket, is released this Wednesday, 30 May in...  


Paolo Damilano • President, Film Commission Torino Piemonte

"Film producers need to know that they can count on our economic support"

Paolo Damilano • President, Film Commission Torino Piemonte

Entrepreneur Paolo Damilano, president of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte and the Museum of Cinema...  


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