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Christian Carion • Director

The Amazing Christmas of 1914

Christian Carion • Director

Rendez vous with a passionate director, who finds the best of the crop among events that have been hidden,...  


Denis Carot • Producer

"A universal story"

Denis Carot • Producer

The co-director of Elzevir Films tells us more about the making of Live and Become, an European coproduction  


Jonas Carpignano  • Director

"Scorsese was my spiritual guide for my film about Gypsies"

Jonas Carpignano • Director

CANNES 2017: The Italian-American director has presented A Ciambra in the Directors’ Fortnight, a film...  


Jonas Carpignano  • Director


Jonas Carpignano • Director

VENICE 2015: Mediterranea, the feature debut by Jonas Carpignano, is among the three films that are...  


Jonas Carpignano  • Director of A Chiara

"This is a detailed, distinct study of the community I’ve been always part of"

Jonas Carpignano • Director of A Chiara

CANNES 2021: The Italian filmmaker discusses his latest film, which can be called a spin-off of his...  

15/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Directors' Fortnight

Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi  • Directors of Disturbed Earth

"The painful past stirs the present, marking the future"

Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi • Directors of Disturbed Earth

The filmmaking duo discuss their film, which dives into the Srebrenica horror through a space in silence,...  

18/08/2021 | Sarajevo 2021 | Documentary Competition

Emmanuel Carrère  • Director of Between Two Worlds

“The film has a social aspect, but also a hitchcockian element”

Emmanuel Carrère • Director of Between Two Worlds

CANNES 2021: The famous novelist once again turned filmmaker decrypts his free adaptation of the book by...  

09/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Directors’ Fortnight

Emmanuel Carrère • Scriptwriter

"No other clue than the characters' words"

Emmanuel Carrère • Scriptwriter


Broadcasters going Online

Michael Carrington • creative Director at BBC Children's department


José Luís Carvalhosa • Coproducer

"I am not an American-type of producer"

José Luís Carvalhosa • Coproducer

Fábrica de Imagens assumed the Portuguese part of the production of Sud Express. José Luís Carvalhosa...  


Eduardo Casanova • Director

Skins is a film of contradictions”

Eduardo Casanova • Director

BERLIN 2017: Eduardo Casanova unveils his first feature film, the impressively gutsy Skins, at one of the...  


Hélène Cases • Lionceau Films

Producers on the move 2012 – France

Hélène Cases • Lionceau Films

After the success of Angèle & Tony, the first feature film produced by her company, Lionceau Film, Hélène...  


Vincent Cassel • Actor

Interview [fr]

Vincent Cassel • Actor

Vincent Cassel talks about Beauty and the Beast by Christophe Gans, shown at Berlinale 2014  

Stefano Cassetti • Actor

An Italian anti-hero

Stefano Cassetti • Actor

An encounter with Cedric Kahn transformed this Venetian into the star of Roberto Succo - the true story of...  


Fred Castadot • President, Audiovisual Screenwriters’ Association (ASA)

“We can even call it a true revolution”

Fred Castadot • President, Audiovisual Screenwriters’ Association (ASA)

Meeting with Fred Castadot, the new president of the Belgian Audiovisual Screenwriters’ Association  


Niccolò Castelli • Director of Atlas

“A universal story to tackle fear of what is different”

Niccolò Castelli • Director of Atlas

We met with the director of this movie starring Matilda De Angelis, which is competing in the 2021 Swiss...  

24/02/2021 | /Switzerland/Belgium/Italy

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