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Pernilla Sandström • Producer

"Roy’s films fall out of the system"

Pernilla Sandström • Producer

Pernilla Sandström has been working exclusively for the last ten years with Roy Andersson Filmproduktion....  


Daniel Sandu  • Director of One Step Behind the Seraphim

"We run on fumes. We breathe in aerosols and breathe out films"

Daniel Sandu • Director of One Step Behind the Seraphim

First time director Daniel Sandu explains to Cineuropa the peculiarities of his feature One Step Behind...  


Liviu Săndulescu • Director of Cărturan

“Setting this story in the countryside allowed for a good balance between life and death”

Liviu Săndulescu • Director of Cărturan

Romanian director Liviu Săndulescu tells us about his feature debut, Cărturan, screened in competition at...  

15/11/2019 | Arras 2019

Eva Sangiorgi  • Director, Viennale

“The Viennale has room for different kinds of production values”

Eva Sangiorgi • Director, Viennale

As the latest edition of the Viennale gets under way, we chat to its new director, Eva Sangiorgi, to get...  

25/10/2018 | Viennale 2018

Video - Venice Film Festival 2009, Venice Days

Interview with Paola Sangiovanni, director of Ragazze - La vita trema

Paola Sangiovanni filmed four feminist activists from the 1960’s and 70’s and reflects upon the evolution...  

Tatti Sanguineti • Italian film historian


Tatti Sanguineti • Italian film historian

VENICE 2017: Tatti Sanguineti talks to us about Ermanno Olmi's Il tentato suicidio nell'adolescenza (T.S....  


Peter Sant  • Director of Of Time and the Sea

“Filmmaking is almost an extension of colonialism”

Peter Sant • Director of Of Time and the Sea

We sat down with Australian director Peter Sant, who broke down his Maltese-language feature debut, Of...  

26/06/2019 | Valletta 2019

Claudio Santamaria • Actor/director


Claudio Santamaria • Actor/director

VENEZIA 2017: Claudio Santamaria makes his directorial debut with the short film The Millionairs, a...  


Marko Santic • Director


Marko Santic • Director

Cineuropa met with Slovenian director Marko Santic, whose film Seduce Me has been selected in competition...  


Ángel Santos  • Director

“We look at scenery from a cinephile persepctive”

Ángel Santos • Director

Following its debut at Busan and Seville, The High Pressures by Ángel Santos touches down. The intimate...  


Gil Santos  • Distributor

European Distributors: Up Next! 2009 - Portugal

Gil Santos • Distributor


Sarah Bolger

Shooting Star 2009 – Ireland

Sarah Bolger


Luigi Sardiello • Director


Luigi Sardiello • Director

Luigi Sardiello’s The Italian Pastry Chef opened the 14th edition of the European film festival in Lecce....  


Marat Sargsyan • Director of The Flood Won’t Come

“When there is no information about war, there is no war”

Marat Sargsyan • Director of The Flood Won’t Come

VENICE 2020: We talked to Marat Sargsyan, director of International Film Critics' Week competitor The...  

10/09/2020 | Venice 2020 | International Film Critics' Week

Valeria Sarmiento  • Director

"Telling women's stories is sometimes more important than writing a feminist tract"

Valeria Sarmiento • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: Chilean director Valeria Sarmiento tells us about her latest film, The Black Book — a...  

29/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Valeria Sarmiento • Director

"I never intended to make the film as Raul would have made it"

Valeria Sarmiento • Director

The Chilean director took over Lines of Wellington, her husband Raul Ruiz’ film project, after he died  


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