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Margaret Menegoz • President of Unifrance

Interview accordé l'occasion du 16ieme Festival du Film Français au Japon (13 - 18 Mars 2008 à Tokyo et Osaka)  


Margaret Menegoz • Producer

"Loyal to a great author"

Margaret Menegoz • Producer

Director since 1975 of production, distribution and international sales company Les Films du Losange,...  


Cyril Mennegun • Director

"Ambition is not solely about money and casting"

Cyril Mennegun • Director

Cyril Mennegun deciphers the surprising success of Louise Wimmer and talks about his second feature film,...  


Kenneth Mercken • Director of Coureur

“The storyline’s authenticity was paramount”

Kenneth Mercken • Director of Coureur

Cineuropa sat down with Belgian director Kenneth Mercken to talk about fictionalising his real-life story...  

30/01/2019 | IFFR 2019 | Limelight

Salvatore Mereu • Director

Salvatore Mereu • Director

Two girls living in a downtrodden Cagliari neighborhood star in an exhilarating, bitter comedy  


Salvatore Mereu • Director

Mereu’s anti-hero Sonétaula

Salvatore Mereu • Director


Salvatore Mereu • Director of Assandira

“When you choose a book to adapt, you do it almost on an unconscious level”

Salvatore Mereu • Director of Assandira

VENICE 2020: We talked to Salvatore Mereu, the director of Assandira, based on the novel by Giulio Angioni  

10/09/2020 | Venice 2020 | Out of Competition

Frédéric  Mermoud  • Director

"Shattering the stereotypical image of the butch female cop in a leather jacket"

Frédéric Mermoud • Director

After several acclaimed shorts, Swiss-born, French-based director Frédéric Mermoud has made an impressive...  


Mehmet Can Mertoglu • Director

"I neither hate nor sympathise with the characters"

Mehmet Can Mertoglu • Director

CANNES 2016: Young Turkish filmmaker Mehmet Can Mertoglu talks about his debut feature, Albüm, which was...  


Simón Mesa Soto  • Director

“I wanted to show the vulnerability of the teenagers in such harsh conditions”

Simón Mesa Soto • Director

CANNES 2014: Cineuropa met up with Simón Mesa Soto, who directed the short film Leidi, winner of the...  


Piero Messina  • Director

"My film is built on the power of suggestion and memory"

Piero Messina • Director

VENICE 2015: The debut film of Italian director Piero Messina, The Wait, is in competition at the Venice...  


Mártą Mészáros • Director


Mártą Mészáros • Director

Péter Mészáros • Director

Kythera disembarks on Dutch soil

Péter Mészáros • Director


Ilian Metev • Director

“My decision to move in a more fictional direction was primarily a moral one”

Ilian Metev • Director

LOCARNO 2017: Bulgaria's Ilian Metev talks about a drastic move in his career: switching from documentary...  

14/08/2017 | Lecce 2018

Janus Metz, director of Armadillo

Grand Prix SIC - Cannes 2010

Janus Metz, director of Armadillo

Interview with the director of the film awarded with the Grand Prize (SIC) in Cannes.  

Pieter-Jan de Pue and Vincent Metzinger  • Director and producer of Four Brothers

“I am not saying it will be a humorous film, but we do need some lightness in a deep, sad story”

Pieter-Jan de Pue and Vincent Metzinger • Director and producer of Four Brothers

Cineuropa talked to Pieter-Jan de Pue and Vincent Metzinger after they accepted the Eurimages...  

29/03/2019 | CPH:DOX 2019 | CPH:DOX Industry

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