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Christophe Leparc • Director, Cinemed

"The Mediterranean has become an important place for auteur cinema"

Christophe Leparc • Director, Cinemed

We met up with Christophe Leparc, director of Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival (40th edition running from 19 to 27 October)  

19/10/2018 | Cinemed 2018

Jota Linares  • Director

“Everything is at stake in a close-up”

Jota Linares • Director

With the support of Beatriz Bodegas, Jota Linares has made his feature debut with Unbridled, a film starring Natalia de Molina, Ignacio Mateos and Daniel Grao  


Dumitru Budrala  • Founding director, Astra Film Festival

"We have retained the same mission since the very first edition – that of curators of reality"

Dumitru Budrala • Founding director, Astra Film Festival

With 25 editions of Romania's biggest documentary film festival under his belt, Astra's founding director, Dumitru Budrala, talks about the event's...  

17/10/2018 | Astra 2018

Paul Pauwels  • Director, European Documentary Network

"The voice of documentary professionals must also be heard in Brussels"

Paul Pauwels • Director, European Documentary Network

European Documentary Network director Paul Pauwels talks to us about EDN's recent meetings with EU policy makers to secure funding for the documentary...  


Luzie Loose  • Director

“That time in my life when I was 15 or 16 was very intense”

Luzie Loose • Director

We spoke to director Luzie Loose at Busan about her debut film, Swimming, which tells the story of two 15-year-olds whose burgeoning friendship encounters...  

11/10/2018 | Busan 2018

Fred Cavayé • Director

“I had to find my own truth when adapting this Italian box office success"

Fred Cavayé • Director

We met up with Fred Cavayé on the occasion of the screening of his fifth feature film, Nothing to Hide, in which he offers his own personal reinterpretation...  

09/10/2018 | Namur 2018

Wojciech Smarzowski  • Director

Clergy is like a constant dripping of water that wears away a stone”

Wojciech Smarzowski • Director

Cineuropa chatted to Wojciech Smarzowski, the director of Clergy, which has just enjoyed a record-breaking opening in Polish cinemas  


Mick Hannigan  • Festival co-director, IndieCork

“We have shown that we have a place within the ecosystem of the Irish film community”

Mick Hannigan • Festival co-director, IndieCork

We had a chat about the upcoming edition of the IndieCork Festival with Mick Hannigan, its co-director  

05/10/2018 | IndieCork 2018

Julian Schnabel  • Director

“I never wanted to get on the van Gogh boat”

Julian Schnabel • Director

Cineuropa talked to artist-director Julian Schnabel, the man behind At Eternity’s Gate, his latest film that centres on the twilight years of Vincent van Gogh  

05/10/2018 | Zurich 2018

Martin Lehwald, Michal Pokorny, Marcos Kantis • Producers

“We are always open for projects that are fun to work on”

Martin Lehwald, Michal Pokorny, Marcos Kantis • Producers

German Films talks to producers Martin Lehwald, Michal Pokorny and Marcos Kantis, of Berlin-based Schiwago Film, to learn more about them  


Angela Schanelec • Director

“To understand a film means committing yourself to a process that leads beyond it”

Angela Schanelec • Director

German Films chats to director Angela Schanelec to get a better picture of her career and her approach to cinema  


Annabel Jankel  • Director

“This film would not have been made by a man”

Annabel Jankel • Director

Fresh from its world premiere at Toronto, we chatted to London-born Annabel Jankel about Tell It to the Bees, her first feature since 1993’s Super Mario Bros.  

04/10/2018 | Zurich 2018

Marcus H Rosenmüller  • Director

“There were so many aspects that we could use to make this bigger than a football film”

Marcus H Rosenmüller • Director

We chatted to German director-screenwriter Marcus H Rosenmüller about his new drama, Trautmann, based on the life of the famous Manchester City goalkeeper  

04/10/2018 | Zurich 2018

Thomas Vinterberg  • Director

“This film was very far from what I normally do”

Thomas Vinterberg • Director

We sat down with Danish director Thomas Vinterberg to discuss his approach to his new movie, Kursk, which world-premiered at Toronto and is now playing at...  

04/10/2018 | Zurich 2018

Simon Jaquemet • Director

"I'm interested in exploring characters who are at war with themselves"

Simon Jaquemet • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: We talked to Swiss director Simon Jaquemet about his second long-awaited feature film The Innocent, screened in competition at the festival  

04/10/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition