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Film Markets, Switzerland [CH]

Doc Outlook-International Market

Documentaries, Italy [IT]

Italian Documentary Association is known in and outside of Italy as the official agency representing producers and filmmakers in the Italian Documentary Film Industry. 

Documentaries, Germany [DE]


Documentary platform providing entertaining, award-winning feature length documentaries on DVD. 

Documentaries, France [FR]


Docencourts is an international festival totally dedicated to the new documentary cinema. 

Documentaries, United Kingdom [UK]


DocHouse is a non-profit organisation formed to support and promote documentary in the UK. 

Documentaries, Finland [FI]

DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

DocPoint is the largest documentary film festival in the Nordic countries and also the only festival solely dedicated to documentary films in Finland 

Documentaries, Spain [ES]

Docs Barcelona

A meeting point for professionals working within the documentary industry. It is addressed to producers/directors with projects in development looking for financing from television channels. 

Film Markets, Netherlands [NL]

Docs for Sale

Documentaries, Italy [IT]

Documè - Circuito indipendente per la promozione del documentario

Documentaries, France [FR]

Documentaire sur grand écran

Association which aims to promote the documentary genre in all its forms and the circulation of works by documentary filmmakers in France and Francophone countries 

Training, Germany [DE]

Documentary Campus

Documentary Campus is one of the most renowned professional training initiatives in Europe offering professionals and up-and-coming young talents in the documentary field the necessary experience and know-how to work in international terrain. 


Documentary Channel

Documentary Channel is a 24-hour-per-day, 7-days-a-week television network dedicated exclusively to airing the works of independent documentary filmmakers 

Training, United Kingdom [UK]

Documentary Filmmaking

Documentaries, Germany [DE]

DOK Leipzig

International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film is the largest German and second largest European documentary film festival 

Documentaries, Austria [AT]


Documentaries, Germany [DE]


European Film Festival for Documentaries. 

Documentaries, Finland [FI]

DOKUMENTTIKILTA - The Finnish Documentary Guild

Regional Funds, France [FR]

Dordogne Film Commission

TV, Denmark [DK]


Training, Sweden [SE]

Dramatiska institutet - University College of Film Radio Television and Theatre