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Training, France [FR]

ARSCIPRO - Association pour la Réalisation de Stages de Cinéma Professionnel

Festivals reference websites, Slovakia [SK]

Art Film Fest - International Film Festival Trenčianske Treplice - Trenčin

Established in 1993, the Art Film Fest International Film Festival ranks among Slovakia's most significant cultural events. The Festival offers two main competitions: the International Competition of Feature Films and the International Competition of Short Films. 

TV, Germany [DE]


Arte: a French/Gernman TV channel 

Ministries of Culture, Finland [FI]

Arts Council of Finland

Website of the Arts Council of Finland. 

Scriptwriters Associations, Belgium [BE]

ASA - Association des Scénaristes de l'Audiovisuel

Animation, France [FR]

ASIFA - Association Internationale du Film d'Animation

ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) was founded in 1960 in Annecy, France.ASIFA can be described as an international network composed of animation specialists from very different backgrounds 

Directors Associations, Czech Republic [CZ]

Asociace Rezusérú a Scenáristú

ARAS is an association of Czech writers and directors working in film and television. The website provides, among others, information on call of proposals and festivals and the results of negotiations with institutions. 

Producers Associations, Belgium [BE]

Association de professionnels du cinéma et de l'audiovisuel indépendants de Wallonie

Producers Associations, France [FR]

Association des Producteurs de Cinéma - APC

Directors Associations, Belgium [BE]

Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices de films

Association which represents the directors living or coming from the French community of Belgium 

Producers Associations, Belgium [BE]

Association des réalisateurs producteurs de films documentaires

The Association of Film Directors-Producers was set up in 1976 in order to increase the representation and protection of the documentary sector in Belgium 

Producers Associations, France [FR]

Association Française des Producteurs de Films et de Programmes Audiovisuels - AFPF

Animation, France [FR]

Association Française du Cinéma d'Animation

Producers Associations, France [FR]

Association of Audiovisual Indépendants producers of the Midday-Pyrenees

The APIAMP, Association of Audiovisual Indépendants producers of the Midday-Pyrenees was born at the end of 1998. It takes part in the revival of the regional production, while seeking to promote the singular glances, the recognition of its authors and the quality of his artistic step. 

Producers Associations, Austria [AT]

Association of Austrian Film Producers

A professional association which serves to ensure a continuous increase in the quality of Austrian-produced films as well as the ongoing expansion of the audiovisual sector. 

Producers Associations, Greece [GR]

Association of Greek Independent Audiovisual Producers - SAPOE

Funded in 1975, SAPOE counts more than 80 listed members. The objective of the funding and function of the Association is the upgrading of the profession of the audiovisual works producer in Greece, in accordance to the European and international standards, as well as the promotion of the professional rights of the independent producers. 

Producers Associations, Hungary [HU]

Association of Hungarian Producers

Producers Associations, Iceland [IS]

Association of Icelandic Films Producers -SIK

SIK - is an association of Icelandic film production companies that produce varied forms of both television and film content. The association is represented on the boards of MEDIA DESK ICELAND, The Collecting Society of Iceland, The Icelandic Film and Television Academy, and The Film Board of Iceland. 

Producers Associations, Finland [FI]

Association of Independent Producers in Finland – SATU ry

SATU ry is an organization representing the field of independent producers of audiovisual content in Finland. 

Producers Associations, Switzerland [CH]

Association Suisse des Producteurs de Films

The Suisse Association of Film Producers promotes the professional and economic means of its members, as well as representing them individually or globally before authorities, tribunals or other organisations. It also supports training and formation for the younger. 

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