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Festivals reference websites, Bulgaria [BG]

Sofia International Film Festival

Film Markets, Bulgaria [BG]

Sofia Meetings

Training, Germany [DE]

Sources 2

Stimulating outstanding resources for creative european screenwriting 

Regional Funds, France [FR]

South of France Film Commission - Var

Regional Funds, France [FR]

Southern Alps Film Commission

Regional Funds, France [FR]

Southern Midi-Pyrenees Film Commission

Promotional Organisms, Spain [ES]

Spain Film Commission

Animation, France [FR]

SPFA - Syndicat des Producteurs de Film d'Animation

Festivals reference websites, Sweden [SE]

Stockholm International Film Festival

Directors Associations, Poland [PL]

Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich

Polish filmmakers association. Promotes Polish film domestically and abroad, supports talented young filmmakers, and produces debut films. 

Regional Funds, France [FR]

Strasbourg and Urban Community Film Commission

Festivals reference websites, Germany [DE]

Stuttgart Internationales Trickfilm Festival

Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 

Training, Lithuania [LT]

Summer MEDIA Studio

Film Markets, France [FR]

Sunny Side of the Doc

Scriptwriters Associations, Sweden [SE]

Sveriges Dramatikerförbund

Writers Guild of Sweden looks after the economic and artistic interests of Swedish playwrights. 

Producers Associations, Sweden [SE]

Sveriges Filmproducenter - SFP

Sveriges Filmproducenter (SFP), the organisation for Swedish Filmproducers, is a non-profit association, with commitment to provide support to members, mainly regarding economical issues in the process of producing and exploiting Swedish films. 

TV, Sweden [SE]

Sveriges Television

Promotional Organisms, Sweden [SE]

Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Institute (Svenska Filminstitutet), established in 1963, is a foundation whose operations are regulated by an agreement between the state on one side, and the film- and television industry on the other. The Institute works to promote film across the board and internationally, and to preserve films and materials of interest to cinematic history. 

National Film Centres, Sweden [SE]

Swedish Film Institute

Founded in 1963, the Swedish Film Institute aims to promote, support and develop film in its cultural and broader contexts. It allocates grants for the production, distribution and public showing of Swedish films both at national and international level. 

Training, Romania [RO]

SWIM in the digital world