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National Film Centres, Switzerland [CH]

Swiss Film

Member of European Film Promotion is the federal promoting agency of the contemporary independent cinema and of the Swiss audiovisual heritage. SWISS FILMS contributes to broadcast Swiss films abroad and stimulates the international influence of the national audiovisual creation. SWISS FILMS increases the value of the Swiss cinema and its broadcasting in Switzerland. 

Directors Associations, Switzerland [CH]

Swiss Filmmakers Association

The Swiss Filmmakers and Scriptwriters Association (ARF/FDS) brings together the swiss filmmakers (authors, scriptwriters, directors, authors/producers ans directors/producers) and represents the interests of swiss independent cinema 

Promotional Organisms, Switzerland [CH]

Swiss Films

Swiss Films is a foundation established in the early seventies by Swiss filmmakers with the aim to provide professional support for the promotion of their films. The foundation develops activities and provides services aimed at facilitating the distribution and publicity of Swiss film productions in Switzerland and abroad. 

Promotional Organisms, Switzerland [CH]

Switzerland Film Commission

Training, Finland [FI]

TAMK Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulu

TV, Slovakia [SK]


Regional Funds, Spain [ES]

Tenerife Film Commission

Training, Denmark [DK]

The Animation Workshop / CVU Midt-Vest

Producers Associations, Finland [FI]

The Central Organization of Finnish Film Producers - SEK ry

SEK ry is under the Finnish Chamber of Films. Founded in 1923, it is the central organization of the associations in the Finnish film field. Its members include also The Finnish Film Exhibitors' Association and The Finnish Film Distributors' Association. 

Short Films, Ireland [IE]

The Irish Film Board Short Film Channel

Training, United Kingdom [UK]

The London Film School

Training, United Kingdom [UK]

The Script Factory

Festivals reference websites, Greece [GR]

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Festivals reference websites, Romania [RO]

TIFF - Transilvania International Film Festival

Festivals reference websites, Italy [IT]

Torino Film Festival

Regional Funds, Italy [IT]

Toscana Film Commission



Training in Open Source Multimedia Instruments is designed to introduce media professionals to the benefits and possibilities of an open source pipeline in audio-video production and distribution. 

Training, Belgium [BE]


Training, Finland [FI]

Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu

TV, Slovakia [SK]

TV Markíza

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