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TV, Poland [PL]


Public Polish TV channel. 

Festivals reference websites, Czech Republic [CZ]

Uherské Hradiště Summer Film School

The Summer Film School is a combination of a school and a film festival. It is organised by the Association of Czech Film Clubs and initiates a numerous young audience into the secrets of filmmaking. 

National Film Centres, United Kingdom [UK]

UK Film Council

The UK Film Council was set up to work with the public and private sector to make film an essential part of the UK's creative economy and to create the environment for a sustainable and vibrant film culture. The Film Council aims to nurture excellence and innovation in the UK industry, and to promote innovation, diversity and social inclusion. 

Regional Funds, Italy [IT]

Umbria Film Commission

Box Office, Czech Republic [CZ]

Unie Filmovych Distributoru

Union of Film Distributors in the Czech Republic; official box office statistics. 

Promotional Organisms, France [FR]


Promoting French film worldwide 

Producers Associations, France [FR]

Union des Producteurs de Films


Union européenne de radio-télévision / European Broadcasting Union

The European Broadcasting Union promotes cooperation between broadcasters and facilitate the exchange of audiovisual content. 

Scriptwriters Associations, France [FR]

Union Guilde des Scenarsites

French association of scriptwriters. Edits the magazine "La Gazette des Scénaristes". 

Directors Associations, Bulgaria [BG]

Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers

Organization representing members of associations and enterprises that have direct relations to audiovisual sector in Bulgaria. 

Producers Associations, Italy [IT]

Unione Nazionale Produttori Film (ANICA)

The Association, founded in 1945, represents the industrial side of the film and audiovisual sectors in political and union affairs, in addition to promoting the Italian films at home and abroad. Members include film producers, film and multimedia distributors, technical enterprises, firms specialised in the production of short films, advertisements and documentaries and companies that operate multiplex theatres. 

Training, Italy [IT]

Università del Cinema e della Televisione - NUCT

Training, Hungary [HU]

University of Theatre, Film and Television

Training, Slovenia [SI]

Univerza v Ljubljani - Akademija za gledališče, radio, film in televizijo

Regional Funds, France [FR]

Upper-Normandy Film Commission

Trade Press


Online magazine about film and audiovisual industry. Paid. 

Regional Funds, Italy [IT]

Veneto Film Commission

Regional Funds, Italy [IT]

Venice Film Commission

Festivals reference websites, Italy [IT]

Venice International Film Festival

Venice International Film Festival website. 

Scriptwriters Associations, Germany [DE]

Verband Deutscher Drehbuchautoren

Screenwriters' Guild of Germany 

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