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Training, Switzerland [CH]

ATC - Audiovisual Training Coalition

ATC represents the interests of independent organizations devoted to transnational training, development and research for the audiovisual industry. 

MEDIA Programme Projects

Ateliers du Cinéma Européen

European programme dedicated to training producers. 

Producers Associations, Czech Republic [CZ]

Audiovisual Producer's Association (APA)

Founded in 1994, APA protects and promotes the producers' interests, dealing with professional associations, with protective authors' organisations or with bodies of the state administration. 

Producers Associations, Poland [PL]

Audiovisual Producers Association

Regional Funds, Austria [AT]

Austria Film Commission

Directors Associations, Austria [AT]

Austrian Directors’ Association

Website of ADA, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to ensure the political, legal and economic interests of Austrian film and tv directors 

Promotional Organisms, Austria [AT]

Austrian Film Commission

The Austrian Film Commission was established to market, promote and increase the worldwide awareness of Austrian filmmaking. Acting both as an information clearing house and as a facilitating agency for export purposes, the AFC represents Austrian films and co-productions at all major festivals and markets 

National Film Centres, Austria [AT]

Austrian Film Institute

The Austrian film Institute was established in 1981 to provide comprehensive funding for the Austrian Film industry in its cultural and economic aspects. 

Miscellaneous, Austria [AT]

Austrianfilm designers

The Austrian Film Designers Assoc.founded in 1987 gathers production designers, costume designers, prop- and wardrobe stylists. 

Regional Funds, France [FR]

Auvergne Film Commission

Promotional Organisms, Finland [FI]

AVEK - Centre for the Promotion of Audiovisual Culture in Finland

AVEK was established in 1987 by the Finnish copyright organization Kopiosto. Its function is to promote a wide range of projects in the field of audiovisual culture. AVEK uses its share of copyright remuneration to promote audiovisual culture: cinema, video and television. 


AWN - Animation World Network

AWN (Animation World Network), is a website that deals with different kinds of animation in different categories, such as TV, cinema, games and education. 

Short Films, Switzerland [CH]


Regional Funds, France [FR]

Basse-Normandie Film Commission

TV, United Kingdom [UK]

BBC - British Broadcasting Company

Documentaries, Germany [DE]

Berlin Documentary Forum

Festivals reference websites, Germany [DE]


The Berlin International Film Festival, which includes the European Film Market, is one of the most important cultural events in Europe for the international business film industry. 

Training, Germany [DE]

Berlinale Talent Campus

Trade Press, Italy [IT]

Best Movie

Training, United Kingdom [UK]

BFI British Film Institute

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