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Cinando is the database dedicated to cinema industry professionals. It offers an extra large panorama of the film industry: contacts, profiles, film for sale, projects in development, and screening schedules during the main markets. 

Animation, Portugal [PT]


Animation film festival. Every since its first edition, back in 1976, it has been developing a regular activity divulging this form of cinema and its authors, being, therefore, considered a precursor of the cultural decentralisation in Portugal 

Trade Press, Portugal [PT]

Cine Cartaz

Film supplement of daily "Público". 

Trade Press, Italy [IT]

Cine Forum

Cineforum is based in Imperia and it's cultural organisation willing to release films that are not proggrammed by the commercial cinemas in the town. 

Trade Press, Spain [ES]

Cine por la red

Online magazine on film industry. Access under subscription. 

Regional Funds, Austria [AT]

Cine Tirol Film Commission

Trade Press, Spain [ES]

Cine y Tele

Online magazine on Spanish film and TV. 

Regional Funds


Cine-regio is an international non-profit association which aims at pursuing and developing the schemes initiated by the European Coordination of Regional Funds (ECRIF). 

Trade Press, Belgium [BE]


National Film Centres, Italy [IT]

Cinecittà Holding

Cinecittà Holding represents Italian cinema on an institutional level, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, and its mandate is to promote authors, works, professionals of the national film industry. 

Trade Press, Italy [IT]

Cinecittà News

Training, France [FR]


The Atelier helps filmmakers produce and internationally distribute their films. 

Festivals reference websites

CineLink - Sarajevo Film Festival

CineLink is the industry section of the Sarajevo Film Festival. Among other activities, it includes some series of workshops concentrating on script development, financing and marketing that producers and authors of selected feature-fiction projects undertake before presenting their projects at the CineLink Market. 

Training, Italy [IT]

Cinema d'Europa Media Salles

Documentaries, France [FR]

Cinéma du Réel

the Cinéma du Réel international documentary film festival is an international meeting point, where the public and professionals discover the films of experienced authors as well as new talents 

Trade Press, Poland [PL]

Cinema Magazine

Film online magazine. 

Trade Press, Czech Republic [CZ]

Film magazine website. 

Festivals reference websites, Sweden [SE]

Cinemafrica Film Festival

African film festival. 

Trade Press, Belgium [BE]


Regional Funds, Austria [AT]

Cinestyria Film Commission and Fund

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