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09 August 2018

Festivals – Montenegro

Pity and Virgins triumph at the Montenegro Film Festival

08 August 2018

Toronto 2018 – Platform

Toronto unveils line-up for the Platform competition

Oscars 2019 – Slovakia

The Interpreter steps into the Oscars race for Slovakia

06 August 2018

Venice 2018 – Out of Competition

Driven by Nick Hamm to be Venice’s closing film

New Horizons 2018 – Awards

Holiday wins the 18th New Horizons

Oscars 2019 – Switzerland

Switzerland plumps for Markus Imhoof's Eldorado as its representative for the Oscars

02 August 2018

Oscars 2019 – Romania

"I Do Not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians" is the Romanian Oscar candidate

01 August 2018

Awards – Bosnia & Herzegovina

The ICDN Award heads to Sarajevo

27 July 2018

European Film Awards 2018

The EFA honours Carmen Maura

26 July 2018

Sarajevo 2018

Sarajevo's Kinoscope programme brimming with festival favourites

25 July 2018

Venice 2018 – Orizzonti

Alessio Cremonini’s On My Skin to open Orizzonti

Venice 2018 – Competition/Out of Competition

Venice 2018: A well-rounded panorama of film

Locarno 2018

Portugal under the spotlight at Locarno’s First Look

24 July 2018

Toronto 2018 – Gala Presentations/Special Presentations

Toronto reveals first Gala and Special Presentation titles

Venice 2018 – Giornate degli Autori

Rithy Panh, Joachim Lafosse and Stefano Savona in the Giornate degli Autori

LUX Prize 2018

Styx, Woman at War and The Other Side of Everything to vie for the LUX Prize

PriFest 2018 – Awards

Wajib and Men Don’t Cry win the 10th PriFest

23 July 2018

Venice 2018 – International Film Critics’ Week

Venice's International Film Critics’ Week: an observatory for a dynamic brand of cinema

Palić 2018 – Awards

Girl wins the Golden Tower at the 25th EFF Palić

Pula 2018 – Awards

Mali comes out on top in Pula’s national competition

Odesa 2018 – Awards

Crystal Swan and Pity triumph at Odesa

20 July 2018

San Sebastián 2018 – Competition/Out of Competition/Special Screenings

Isaki Lacuesta, Carlos Vermut, Icíar Bollaín & Rodrigo Sorogoyen return to compete at San Sebastián

19 July 2018

Festivals – Italy

Visioni dal Mondo to make Milan the documentary capital

Venice 2018 – Opening

Damien Chazelle’s First Man to open the 75th Venice Film Festival

18 July 2018

Festivals – Italy/France

A Violent Life wins at Vive le Cinéma

17 July 2018

NIFFF 2018 – Awards

Gaspar Noé scoops the H.R. Giger “Narcisse” Award at NIFFF

FIDMarseille 2018 – Awards

Second Time Around and Roi Soleil come out on top at FIDMarseille

16 July 2018

New Horizons 2018

The 18th New Horizons is bringing cinema OUT

Festivals – Ireland

Galway Film Fleadh announces its award winners

13 July 2018

Palić 2018

A flurry of quality European titles for the jubilee edition of Palić

San Sebastián 2018 – Competition

The first contenders for San Sebastián’s Golden Shell revealed

12 July 2018

Jihlava 2018

Jean-Luc Godard presents the 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF

PriFest 2018

PriFest celebrates turning ten by showcasing Kosovar cinema

11 July 2018

Locarno 2018 – Piazza Grande/Filmmakers of the Present/Signs of Life/Out of Competition/Critics' Week

Locarno's Piazza Grande opts for free and light-hearted comedies

Locarno 2018 – Competition

The 71st Locarno Film Festival to be characterised by humanism

Odesa 2018

Woman at War to open Odesa

10 July 2018

Festivals – Italy

Taormina Film Fest to kick off on 14 July

Munich 2018 – Awards

All Good shines at Munich

Venice 2018

Which French directors are likely to be vying for the Golden Lion?

09 July 2018


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