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31 December 2020

Shorts – Slovakia/Czech Republic/France

Slovak animated short SH_T HAPPENS enters race for coveted statuettes on both sides of the Atlantic

Doclisboa 2020

Review: Life in Common

30 December 2020

Cairo 2020

Review: Sideshow

Production / Funding – Spain

Marc Ferrer has wrapped up filming on his queer giallo–comedy film, ¡Corten!

29 December 2020

Production / Funding – Slovakia/Czech Republic

Robert Kirchhoff prepares a feature-length project about “the icon of socialism with a human face”

Production / Funding – France

Anne Fontaine puts the finishing touches to Présidents

Industry / Market – Italy

AFIC investigation: What is the future of online festivals?

28 December 2020

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia/Poland

Czech director Beata Parkanová shoots sophomore feature Word

Production / Funding – Norway

Norwegian dramatic series Made in Oslo now in production

Production / Funding – Spain

Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez step into feature filmmaking with La pasajera

24 December 2020

Films / Reviews – Poland

Review: Love Tasting

Production / Funding – Luxembourg/Germany

Laura Schroeder prepares Maret

23 December 2020

Production / Funding – France

Françoise Fabian plays Aurélie Saada’s Rose

IFFR 2021

IFFR announces competitions and February line-up for its expanded 50th edition

Festivals – Denmark

Review: The Blue Orchid

22 December 2020


Review: La stanza

Industry / Market – Spain

The inaugural edition of the Film Academy Residencies Programme has come to a close after unveiling its 16 selected projects

Festivals / Awards – Spain

Eléonore Weber’s There Will Be No More Night strikes gold at Novos Cinemas

Production / Funding – Serbia/France/Luxembourg/Bulgaria/Lithuania

Stefan Arsenijević’s As Far as I Can Walk currently in post-production

21 December 2020

Production / Funding – Poland/Germany

Polish-German film Lipstick on the Glass now in post-production

Les Arcs 2020

Review: Nightlife

Production / Funding – Germany

Edward Berger’s All Quiet on the Western Front will begin filming in March 2021


The Post Production Forum prepares Post in Poland - Guide to the Polish Post-production

20 December 2020

Industry / Market – Italy

Milan Industry Days Workshop announces its winners

18 December 2020

Industry / Market – Italy

The EUFCN discusses its response to Covid

Les Arcs 2020

Quo Vadis, Aida? triumphs at the Les Arcs Film Festival


Review: Sky High

Berlinale 2021

The 2021 Berlinale to unfold in two stages

East Doc Platform 2021

East Doc Platform 2021 embraces “the new normal” and announces selected projects

Les Arcs 2020

Review: Helmut Newton : The Bad and the Beautiful

Production / Funding – Spain/Italy/Portugal/France/Latin America

Ibermedia announces the 29 European projects awarded grants in 2020

17 December 2020

Les Arcs 2020

Review: Wood

Trieste 2021 – WEMW

When East Meets West goes out of the box

Films / Reviews

Review: Lost Boys

16 December 2020


Madrid Online Pitchbox showcases 14 projects in development

Films / Reviews

Review: Renaceres

Les Arcs 2020

Review: Douce France

15 December 2020

Production / Funding – Europe

Eurimages supports 17 co-productions

DocLisboa 2020

Review: Nheengatu – The Language from the Amazon Forest

Trieste 2021 – WEMW

First Cut+ announces the participants in its winter 2021 session

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