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21 November 2022

IDFA 2022 – Awards

IDFA crowns Apolonia, Apolonia as its champion

Festivals / Awards – Ireland

Ann Oren’s Piaffe snags the Spirit of the Festival Award at Cork

Stockholm 2022 – Awards

Holy Spider scoops Stockholm’s Bronze Horse

Black Nights 2022 – Competition

Review: The Fox

Zinebi 2022 – Awards

Anhell69 and All My Scars Vanish in the Wind emerge victorious at Zinebi

18 November 2022

Gijón 2022 – FICXPro

The sixth FICXPro announces its awards, distributed among five projects

Production / Funding – Colombia/France

César Augusto Acevedo is shooting Horizon

Cairo 2022

EO wins the Arab Critics' Awards for European Films

Lecce 2022

Review: The 9th Step

17 November 2022

IDFA 2022

Review: Polish Prayers

Films / Reviews – Hungary

Review: Not a Thing

Lecce 2022

Review: Zuhal

Geneva 2022

Series review: La vie devant

Geneva 2022

Review: Let’s Get Lost

Cartoon 2022 – Cartoon Business

Cartoon Business reveals how Dickie was turned from a Belgian comic into a successful 360-degree IP

16 November 2022

Production / Funding – France/Germany/Belgium

Shooting under way on Mareike Engelhardt’s Rabia

Production / Funding – Germany

Shooting for Carolina Hellsgård’s The Flying Classroom has ended

Festivals / Awards – Italy

Young authors and the female condition form the focus of the 5th Balkan Film Festival

Festivals / Awards – Spain

SE_CINE reflects a Europe with its doors open to the world

Production / Funding – Germany

Post-production for Ewa Wikieł's first feature, Krzyk – Losing Control, to wrap in December

Black Nights 2022

Israel is the country in focus at Tallinn

Cottbus 2022 – Connecting Cottbus/Awards

Dolphin triumphs at connecting cottbus

Cottbus 2022 – Awards

Safe Place adds one more trophy to its haul at Cottbus

15 November 2022

Geneva 2022

Series review: Copenhagen Cowboy

Popoli 2022

Review: Fashion Babylon

Thessaloniki 2022

Review: Narcosis

Popoli 2022

Review: Happy Pills

Les Arcs 2022 – Industry Village

18 projects selected for the Co-Production Village of the Les Arcs Film Festival

Thessaloniki 2022

Review: Listen

Seville 2022

Review: Hole in the Head

14 November 2022

Seville 2022

Review: Christina

Seville 2022 – Awards

Saint Omer stuns again at the Seville Film Festival

Stockholm 2022

Review: Medusa Deluxe

Thessaloniki 2022 – Agora/Awards

Thessaloniki's Agora reveals its award winners

Festivals / Awards – UK

Davy Chou’s Return to Seoul emerges triumphant at the 22nd edition of the Belfast Film Festival

Geneva 2022 – Awards

Saint Omer wins the Reflet d’Or for Best Feature Film at the GIFF

Arras 2022 – Awards

Mother crowned the victor of Arras Days

Thessaloniki 2022 – Awards

I Have Electric Dreams scoops Thessaloniki’s Golden Alexander

Films / Reviews – Switzerland/Italy

Review: Radical Landscapes

Arras 2022 – Awards

Men of Deeds triumphs in Arras

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