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8075 news (production / funding) available in total starting from 20/05/2002. Last updated on 08/06/2023. 400 news (production / funding) inserted in the last 12 months.

07 June 2023

Production / Funding – Italy

Gabriele Salvatores shooting Napoli – New York

Production / Funding – France

Simon Moutaïrou shoots Ni chaînes ni maîtres

05 June 2023

Production / Funding – France

Shooting imminent on Lucie Prost’s Les truites

Production / Funding – Belgium

Mara Taquin toplining La Vocation

Production / Funding – Belgium/France

Shooting is underway on Matthieu Reynaert’s Discordia, starring Sophie Breyer

02 June 2023

Production / Funding – France

Judith Davis shoots L’Asile

Production / Funding – Belgium

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film Centre supports the new film from Stefan Liberski

01 June 2023

Production / Funding – France

Jessica Palud's Maria is currently rolling

Production / Funding – Spain/France

Emma Suárez and Natalia de Molina topline Desmontando un elefante


Arami Ullón prepares her third feature film, which will take place in Japan

31 May 2023

Production / Funding – Spain

Belén Rueda toplines Laura Jou’s Free Falling

Production / Funding – France

Jean-Baptiste Saurel’s Zénithal is in post-production

30 May 2023

Production / Funding – Spain/France/USA

Rodrigo Cortés gets the ball rolling on his new film, Escape

20 May 2023

Production / Funding – France/Ireland

Ivan Murphy’s debut feature, White Friar, announced at Cannes

16 May 2023

Production / Funding – Belgium

Animation comes out on top in the 114th Wallimage session

Production / Funding – Italy/USA

New Italian Prime Video Original series Costiera to begin shooting in the summer

15 May 2023

Production / Funding – Spain/Dominican Republic

Julio Medem returns, portraying Picasso

Production / Funding – Belgium/Netherlands

Waarom Wettelen to be Dimitri Verhulst’s debut feature film

Production / Funding – Sweden/Estonia/Finland/Norway

Frida Kempff to direct period drama The Swedish Torpedo

11 May 2023

Production / Funding – Belgium/France

Fabrice Du Welz is shooting Maldoror

09 May 2023

Production / Funding – Spain

Andrea Jaurrieta shoots her second feature film, Nina

Production / Funding – Slovenia

Shooting starts in Piran for Tartini’s Key

08 May 2023

Production / Funding – Spain

David Trueba resurrects the comedian Eugenio in Saben aquell

05 May 2023

Production / Funding – Netherlands/Belgium/Norway

Tallulah Schwab’s surrealistic drama Mr. K in post-production

Production / Funding – Latvia/Belgium/France

Gints Zilbalodis’s sophomore feature, Flow, currently in production in Latvia, Belgium and France

03 May 2023

Production / Funding – Spain/Italy

Pablo Hernando films A Whale

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Slovakia

Voyo's content bonanza heats up streaming wars in Czech and Slovak markets

Production / Funding – UK/Ireland/USA/Iceland/Belgium

Thordur Palsson’s psychological horror The Damned now in post-production

Production / Funding – Finland/USA

Aku Louhimies’ C More/MTV-commissioned series Conflict set to enter production

02 May 2023

Production / Funding – Italy/France

Filming wraps on The Flood, starring Guillaume Canet and Mélanie Laurent

Production / Funding – Italy/UK

Filming begins on the series Il Gattopardo, starring Kim Rossi Stuart and Deva Cassel

28 April 2023

Production / Funding – France

Noémie Merlant’s Les femmes au balcon receives an advance on receipts from the CNC

27 April 2023

Production / Funding – Spain

Alexandra Jiménez and Hugo Silva star in Buscando a Coque

Production / Funding – Romania/France/Taiwan

Călin Peter Netzer in post-production with Familiar

26 April 2023

Production / Funding – France

Reda Kateb steps behind the cameras for Sur un fil

Production / Funding – Czech Republic/Germany

Ghosts of the past resurface in the Czech-German series We're on It, Comrades!

Production / Funding – Denmark/Sweden/Finland

Mikkel Serup begins filming the political thriller Kingmaker, the sequel to King’s Game

25 April 2023

Production / Funding – Italy

Filming is underway on Paolo Virzì’s Un altro Ferragosto

Production / Funding – Spain

Hugo Ruiz to premiere his feature debut, One Night With Adela, at Tribeca

24 April 2023

Production / Funding – France/Belgium

The final clapperboard slams on La promesse verte by Édouard Bergeon

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