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20 March 2024

Box Office – Spain

Attendance at Spanish cinemas grows for the third year in a row

27 February 2024

Box Office – Europe

Europe’s theatrical admissions grew by 21% in 2023, according to UNIC

08 February 2024

Box Office – Slovakia

Attendance in Slovak theatres climbed in 2023, yet still fell short of pre-pandemic peaks

Box Office – Czech Republic

The 2023 Czech box office prospers despite a dip in attendance levels

02 February 2024

Box Office – Serbia

Music biopic Sunday is the new box-office hit in the Balkans

Box Office – Poland

Kleks Academy tops the Polish box office with over 2 million admissions

23 January 2024

Box Office – Iceland/Sweden/Finland/Denmark/Norway

The Nordic box office kept on growing in 2023, despite mixed fortunes

17 January 2024

Box Office – Croatia

Croatian films achieve third-highest attendance levels at home in the last 15 years

16 January 2024

Box Office – France

French film earns €234 million in foreign cinemas in 2023

11 January 2024

Box Office – Italy

Cinema revenue and attendance in Italy enjoyed an increase in 2023

Box Office – UK/Ireland

The UK and Irish box office grew by 8.3% in 2023

04 January 2024

Box Office – France

Twelve French films scored over a million admissions in France in 2023

26 December 2023

Box Office – Romania

For the first time at the Romanian box office, four national films end up in the country’s yearly top ten

18 December 2023

Box Office – Europe

European films are defending their territory in domestic box offices

Box Office – Italy

There Is Still Tomorrow beats Barbie at the Italian box office and makes history

01 December 2023

Box Office – Poland

The Peasants is the most successful Polish film of 2023

28 September 2023

Box Office – Serbia

Hybrid music documentary 3211 tops the Serbian box-office chart

31 August 2023

Box Office – Czech Republic

ONEMANSHOW: The Movie takes the Czech box office by storm

02 August 2023

Box Office – Slovakia

Local films set to storm Slovak cinemas after Invalid claims the year's half-time crown

19 July 2023

Box Office – Italy

Italian cinemas record an increase in admissions of close to 600,000 in the first months of 2023 compared to 2019

11 May 2023

Box Office – Europe

Gross box office in the EU and the UK grew by 70% in 2022, but fell short of pre-pandemic average by 28%

24 April 2023

Box Office – Slovakia

Comebacks fuelled Slovak cinemas in 2022, rescuing them from post-pandemic blues

07 April 2023

Box Office – Serbia

Radivoje Andrić's Dudes: Again! is the new box-office hit in Serbia

17 February 2023

Box Office – Europe/UK/Turkey

EU and UK cinema attendance up 63% in 2022 but still short of pre-pandemic levels, the European Audiovisual Observatory finds

23 January 2023

Box Office – Czech Republic

Czech movie theatres enjoyed a strong post-pandemic rebound in 2022

12 January 2023

Box Office – Italy

Revenue and admissions rose by 81% and 79.6% in Italy between 2021 and 2022

11 January 2023

Box Office – Romania

For the first time, two Romanian films end up in the country’s yearly top 10 at the box office

10 January 2023

Box Office – France

French film earns €167.4 million abroad in 2022

25 November 2022

Box Office – Czech Republic

Czech fantasy film Princess Lost in Time 2 beats the latest Marvel blockbuster in its opening weekend in terms of admissions

08 November 2022

Box Office – Romania

Romanian comedy Teambuilding threatens Avatar at the local box office

07 November 2022

Box Office – Poland

Johnny emerges as the most popular Polish film of the year, with 800,000 admissions

13 October 2022

Box Office – Ireland/UK

Berlinale Generation hit The Quiet Girl surpasses the €1 million mark at the British and Irish box office

13 May 2022

Box Office – Europe/UK

2021 saw limited recovery of EU and UK theatrical markets, with attendance up 31.5% on 2020

25 April 2022

Box Office – Czech Republic

Football satire Vyšehrad: Fylm resuscitates the Czech post-pandemic box office

19 April 2022

Box Office – Slovakia

Slovakian romantic films crush US blockbusters at the domestic box office

17 March 2022

Box Office – Spain/Europe

Think Data, a tool to measure streaming-platform audiences, sees the light of day

15 March 2022

Box Office – Czech Republic

Czech retro true-crime series Nineties breaks viewership records

25 February 2022

Box Office – Serbia

Radivoje Andrić has a new hit on his hands with How I Learned to Fly

09 February 2022

Box Office – Poland

Cinema attendance is on the up in Poland

08 February 2022

Box Office – Europe

Europe’s box office grew by 42% in 2021

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