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Kolorado Kid in Montreal line-up


Kolorado Kid in Montreal line-up

Winner of Best Genre Film at Hungarian Film Week 2010, András B. Vágvölgyi’s debut feature Kolorado Kid [+see also:
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(see news) will screen in the First Films Competition at the 34th Montreal World Film Festival (August 26-September 6).

Scripted by the director, the film centres on Béla Kreuzer (Zsolt Nagy) who took part in the 1956 Hungarian uprising and has a passion for gambling. Three years later, he cleverly nabs a large sum of money, but fails to keep quiet about it, unaware that the secret police is hot on his heels.

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When he is remanded in custody, he is convinced it is because of his illegal activities at the racetracks. Then he finds out it is because of his involvement in the 1956 revolution.

Over the course of the investigation, his old friends abandon him, his girlfriend and even his family desert him. The only person he trusts is his cellmate. The prosecuting lawyer would like to see him hanged and the detective leading the investigation just wants to get the case over and done with.

In the end, Kreuzer is sentenced to 15 years in prison. On his release in 1974, he realises that the world has changed radically.

Produced by Cameofilm, Kolorado Kid was co-produced by UK-based Parallel Pictures and received backing from the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMKA).

(Translated from French)

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