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Non scomparire!'s crowdfunding campaign online


Non scomparire!'s crowdfunding campaign online

The crowdfunding campaign of Pietro Reggiani's (L'estate di mio fratello) second feature film, Non scomparire!, a surreal comedy which tells of the encounter (and love story) between Roberta and Massimo, two young people affected by "psicosomatic invisibility": she disappears if no one gives her any attention, he - on the contrary - when he feels the attention is on him.

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The film, produced by Adagio Film, will be shot in the Spring 2012 in Rome and Verona, if the crowdfunding campaign manages to get back 15% (€27 thousand) of the production costs which remain uncovered. Non scomparire! can already count on a cast made up of - among others - Anita Kravos, Paolo Sassanelli, Valentina Carnelutti, Francesca Cuttica, Marcello Mazzarella, Rolando Ravello and Davide Marchesini.

On the websites (Italian) and (American) everyone will be able to contribute towards making the film with "donations" from €2 to €500: in return they will receive what - in crowdfunding jargon - are called "rewards", measured against the amount donated: from gadgets (badges, t-shirts, etc.) to the chance of appearing, from a "special invisible participation", duly indicated in the credits, to a share of the film's profits (for those who might want to donate more than €500).

The crowdfunding resource is still a pioneering one in Italy, but which is well matched to the possibilty of no longer counting on the so-called "selective" public financing, but only on the automatic kind (tax credit and contributions on takings). Apart from the share covered by crowdfunding, 50% of the live production costs (€90 thousand) and all the production costs (€90 thousand) will be guaranteed by private investors, incentivised by the tax credit on external investments in film production.

(Translated from Italian)

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