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CANNES 2012 Out of Competition

Dario Argento and his anti-Twilight Dracula


- Midnight Screening on the Croisette dedicated to a classic horror film with special effects in 3D by the Italian master of fear

Dario Argento and his anti-Twilight Dracula

A heinous, wicked Count Dracula, just like Bram Stoker’s. "I inspired myself on the one from the original novel, but I was loyal and disloyal at the same time" says Dario Argento of his Dracula 3D [+see also:
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, screened at midnight last night, out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

"I brought out his more cruel side, in contrast with Twilight-style vampires created for teenagers", says the master of horror. "I’m not very keen on that representation of the character, which plays purely on romanticism".

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In the film, the notorious vampire’s story is told through the eyes of Jonathan Harker, a young librarian called to work for Count Dracula. Secretly in love with Mina, Jonathan doesn’t hesitate in staying even after discovering the lethal nature of his host. Legendary vampire-chaser Van Helsing will come to his rescue. The film’s cast includes Asia Argento (Lucy), Rutger Hauer (Van Helsing), Thomas Kretschmann (Dracula) and Marta Gastini (Mina Murray). "I chose Rutger Hauer for his imposing physicality, for his face marked by time and, after all, he is also Dutch just like Kretschmann".

There is no lack of blood, bites and chopped-off heads and the gore is highlighted by the 3-D imaging. "3D greatly enhances a film, adds depth, the characters emerge out of the background" says Argento. The result is a very well packaged film, with great photography by the master Luciano Tovoli, and a classic rhythm which recalls Hammer and Universal Studios’ horror films. After all, as Dario Argento says, "we are still afraid of the same things".

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