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Lazarus' transmedia funfair


- Black Moon and Patric Jean last night presented the transmedia experience "Lazarus Mirages", supported by the RTBF, Wallimage, the WIP and the CCA

Lazarus' transmedia funfair

Multi, cross, transmedia, so many neologisms which have invaded the audiovisual media world and are at the centre of almost every discussion. The launching in Belgium of support systems for cross media creation (web docs and fiction for the CCA, projets transmedia pour Wallimage), and promotion (Wallimage) has contributed towards making this a prominent subject within the industry. Everyone is talking about it, then, but who is doing it? If the projects are many, few have seen the light of day for now, which is certainly the reason behind the interest generated by yesterday's presentation of a "transmedia experience", the Lazarus Mirages project, produced by Black Moon Production, and choreographed by Patric Jean.

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Lazarus Mirages is presented as a multi-platform experience, which invites doubt in order to better question dogmas, whether political, cultural, media-related or religious. A whole programme, therefore, which on paper is averagely attractive, and a little dry for the wider public. The idea was therefore to make it more sexy for sceptics. That is how Lazarus was born, an anonymous apparition (also masked in the style of the Anonymous), who is half patron, half guru, and who guides the spectator through different experiences, run by scientists, aiming to encourage him to be critical of his own convictions.

The character of Lazarus serves as a link to the launcher, whose central hub is a website containing all the experiences. Co-produced by the RTBF, Lazarus also comes in two 52mn documentaries which will be distributed in the course of the month and which will actively send one to the URL links related to the project. The Lazarus blog (active on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter) was first hosted by Libération, but following an editorial dispute it is now hosted by Owni. The website has a television channel showing more extensive interviews with different scientists, away from the more popular newsflashes and questioning widely held beliefs, and in a playful spirit, a game that allows you to discover Lazarus' true identity. Aesthetically, Lazarus evolves in world that is part fairground, part secret society (with a touch of Dharma initiative for Lost fans), and plays with film and documentary codes on the paranormal (candle-light, masks, scary music...). A complex operation, which tries to find a balance between all its components and all its audiences.

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(Translated from French)

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