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Local films sell every second cinema ticket in Denmark


- With four titles among the six top-grossers in the charts, Danish cinema controls an unprecedented 49% of the market

Local films sell every second cinema ticket in Denmark

Danish cinema has got off to a flying start in 2013, selling 1.5 million tickets in fewer than two months, controlling a record 49% of the market. The previous best result was 32% (2005, 2008), according to statistics released by Danish Film Distributors Association (FAFID).

Four local films are currently among the six top-grossing releases in Denmark, including Martin Miehe-Renard’s My African Adventure (so far 343,682 admissions), Rasmus Heide’s All for Two [+see also:
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(310,201 adms), Kenneth Kainz’s Otto Is a Rhino (141,041 adms), Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt (photo - 621,466 adms).

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The distributors expected the performance of Danish fare to continue throughout the year, with such upcoming premieres as Annette K Olesen’s The Shooter, Christoffer Boe’s Spies & Glistrup, and Mikkel Nørgaard’s The Keeper of Lost Causes, launching the Jussi Adler-Olsen’s thriller franchise.

“Nothing succeeds like success – if audiences have had a good experience watching a local film, they want to see more. We are happy that All for Two contributes to this development,” said Danish producer Ronnie Fridthjof, whose latest film from Danish director Rasmus Heide has exceeded 300,000 admissions after three weeks, and is likely to beat its prequel, All for One, which reached 400,000.

“The breakthrough is due to features which were instigated three-four years ago. If we want to maintain the strong position of domestic cinema, we need to strengthen the financing of Danish films, which has been weakened by the drop of DVD sales and the new state budget, which could freeze a third of the support for production,” added Klaus Hansen, CEO of the Danish Producers’ Association.

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