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The nominees for the 2013 Lolas


- Cloud Atlas, Hannah Arendt and Oh Boy! lead the race for the next German Cinema Prizes

The nominees for the 2013 Lolas

A week after the presentation of the twelve titles from which the public is invited to chose a favourite (read the info), the German Film Academy announced on Saturday the nominees for the Lolas, the German Cinema Prizes 2013, which will be awarded on April 26th.

Cloud Atlas [+see also:
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, by Tom TykwerLana and Andy Wachowski, leads the race with nine nominations, followed by the sympathetic Oh Boy! [+see also:
interview: Jan Ole Gerster
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 by Jan Ole Gerster with eight nominations and Hannah Arendt [+see also:
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by Margarethe von Trotta with six. The three titles compete in particular in the Best Film and Best Director categories.

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Let’s also mention the presence amongst the contenders for the Golden, Silver and Bronze Lolas for Best Film, of Lore [+see also:
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by Australian director Cate Shortland, as well as The Wall [+see also:
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by Julian Roman Pölsler and Roots of Life [+see also:
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by Oskar Roehler, which we also find in several other categories, while the fascinating polar film Mercy by Matthias Glasner displays a more subtle presence, nevertheless maintaining a chance to win the prestigious Best Actress Lola, thanks to the performance of Austrian actress Birgit Minichmayr.

The complete list of nominees for the 2013 Lolas:

Best Film
Cloud Atlas by Tom Tykwer, Lana and Andy Wachowski
Hannah Arendt byMargarethe von Trotta
Lore byCate Shortland
Oh Boy! byJan Ole Gerster
Roots of Life by Oskar Roehler
The Wall byJulian Roman Pölsler

Best Documentary
More Than Honey byMarkus Imhoof
Vergiss mein nicht byDavid Sieveking
The Flat by Arnon Goldfinger

Best Children’s Film
Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion byCyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert
Kaddish für einen Freund byLeo Khasin

Best Screenplay
Pam Katz and Margarethe von Trotta for Hannah Arendt
Jan Ole Gerster for Oh Boy!
Anna Maria Praßler for Schuld sind immer die Anderen

Best Director
Jan Ole Gerster for Oh Boy!
Margarethe von Trotta for Hannah Arendt
Tom Tykwer, Lana and Andy Wachowski for Cloud Atlas

Best Actress
Martina Gedeck in The Wall
Birgit Minichmayr in Mercy
Barbara Sukowa in Hannah Arendt

Best Actor
Edin Hasanovic in Schuld sind immer die Anderen
Tom Schilling in Oh Boy!
Sabin Tambrea in Ludwig II.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Margarita Broich in Roots of Life
Friederike Kempter in Oh Boy!
Christine Schorn in Das Leben ist nichts für Feiglinge

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Michael Gwisdek in Oh Boy!
Robert Gwisdek in The Weekend
Ernst Stötzner in Home for the Weekend

Best Cinematography
Adam Arkapaw for Lore
Jakub Bejnarowicz for Mercy
John Toll et Frank Griebe for Cloud Atlas

Best Editing
Alexander Berner for Cloud Atlas
Anne Fabini for More Than Honey
Anja Siemens for Oh Boy!

Best Set Design
Susann Bieling for Die Abenteuer des Huck Finn
Uli Hanisch and Hugh Bateup for Cloud Atlas
Udo Kramer for Measuring the World

Best Make-up
Jeannette Latzelsberger and Gregor Eckstein for Roots of Life
Elke Lebender, Stephanie Däbritz, Julia Rinkl Daniel Parker and Jeremy Woodhead for Cloud Atlas
Astrid Weber for Hannah Arendt

Best Original Soundtrack
The Major Minors and Cherilyn MacNeil for Oh Boy!
Max Richter for Lore
Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil for Cloud Atlas

Best Sound
Christian Bischoff, Uve Haußig and Johannes Konecny for The Wall
Christian Bischoff, Uve Haußig and Johannes Konecny for Forgotten
Stefan Soltau, Björn Wiese and Dominik Rätz for Mercy
Markus Stemler, Ivan Sharrock, Frank Kruse, Matthias Lempert, Roland Winke and Lars Ginzel for Cloud Atlas

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(Translated from French)

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