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Shooting kicks off for Io, Arlecchino, Giorgio Pasotti’s directing debut


- Shooting kicked off today for the actor’s directing debut dedicated to the Bergamo disguise, a production by the Officina della Comunicazione and Rai Cinema starring Roberto Herlitzka, Valeria Bilello and Lunetta Savino

Shooting kicks off for Io, Arlecchino, Giorgio Pasotti’s directing debut

Shooting kicked off today for actor Giorgio Pasotti’s first film Io, Arlecchino [+see also:
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, a comedy drama which is to be a modern take on the historic Commedia dell'arte story. The film, which is set in Rome and the Bergamo valleys (especially in a small medieval town in Cornello del Tasso, in the Brembana valley), will be co-directed by director and editor Matteo Bini. Pasotti himself will be starring next to Roberto Herlitzka, Valeria Bilello and Lunetta Savino. The cast also includes Gianni Ferreri and Lavinia Longhi.

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Io, Arlecchino tells the complex relationship between a father, who is a theatre actor, and his son, a television actor. Pasotti plays Paolo, a well-known afternoon talk-show host who is reached by phone in Rome to be told that his father Giovanni (Herlitzka), a former theatre actor and famous Harlequin interpreter, has been taken to hospital after he collapsed onstage during a performance with his own local theatre company. Returning to his hometown, and spending time with his father, will enable Paolo to reconnect with his past, redefine his identity and rediscover the artistic treasure represented by the character of Harlequin, which he will find himself playing.

According to Pasotti, who we will see in the upcoming cinema season in Sapore di te in Carlo Vanzina (read the news story), Diario di un maniaco per bene by Michele Picchi and Né ora né mai by Francesco Prisco, "Io, Arlecchino is not just a film dedicated to the famous Bergamo disguise, but it is also a story on the value of tradition which struggles to survive among the modern hustle and bustle.”

Io, Arlecchino represents an innovative production model,” producers Nicola Salvi and Elisabetta Sola of the Officina della Comunicazione said, “including resources from the ground, institutions and local entrepreneurs, in order to shine reflectors onto the Bergamo province, giving it its audience back through a universal narrative with an international appeal.”

The film’s creative team is also international, including screenwriter Maurice Caldera (who wrote the script together with Matteo Bini) and photography director Charlie Goodger, both trained by British Academy NTFS, set designer Franca Bertagnolli and costume maker Veronica Molteni. Io, Arlecchino is being produced in collaboration with Rai Cinema. Filming will last a little more than a month. 

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(Translated from Italian)

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