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FUNDING France / Germany

Margaux Hartmann for Isabelle Huppert


- At the Franco-German Cinema Meeting, Les Film Pelléas present a project by Ludovic Bergery with the French star in the provisional cast

Margaux Hartmann for Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert

Amongst the 16 projects presented at the coproduction market of the Franco-German Cinema Meeting, organized by Unifrance and German Films since yesterday and for two more days in Nancy, Margaux Hartmann [+see also:
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(working title: The Embrace) stands out by Ludovic Bergery. Managed by David Thion for Les Film Pelléas, the project’s provisional cast includes Isabelle Huppert. The film should be shot next summer and is currently looking for a German coproducer and actor.

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Written by Ludovic Bergery, the screenplay focuses on a woman who lost her husband two years ago. After a disappointing relationship, she starts having one night encounters that lack emotion before slowly giving in to an insatiable sexual desire that will expose her to all kinds of dangers and a violence through which her rebirth will however eventually take place.  

In his project description, Ludovic Bergery underlines that he wishes to “describe a woman looking for romantic and physical intimacy, and her discouragement. To first evoke what inadequate love means, and in particular how luxury can become a source of suffering, alienation, inhibition and cut someone off from their own emotions. The logical continuation was to deal with sex addiction to attempt to define its mechanisms, and finally depict the more personal side of the loneliness that comes from being afraid of life, but also of grief. All these themes are reflected through the very tense personal, emotional, and sexual journey of a woman. A woman who discovers a new found freedom after a period of grief, a freedom that send her into a sort of incapacity; a woman who knows nothing of love, thinks she has found it and then loses it before falling into an addiction that is in fact a necessary obstacle in the path that allows her to love and be loved.”

8 other titles of French initiative were selected for the coproduction forum of the 2013 edition of the Franco-German Meeting: Je suis le véritable sosie de Ceausescu by Philippe Pollet-Villard (managed by Karé Productions), the slasher Anonyme by Yannick Muller (production Légende), the thriller Tout un monde by Robert Kéchichian (production Arts Premiers), La nuit allemande by Claus Drexel (Daisy Day Film), the dramatic comedy Seule comme une baignoire (Ana fait du carrelage) by Rachel Lang (production Chevaldeuxtrois), the family comedy Gaz, Sucre & Soda by Olivier Ringer (Constellation Factory), Retour au Londonistan by Marco Nicoletti (Glaam Media Invest) and the film noir Comment vivent les morts by Yves Lombard (Rhea Films).

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(Translated from French)

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