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VENICE 2014 Venice Days

Special event for Masbedo’s The Lack


- They are among the top stars of visual arts and motion picture research of our time

Special event for Masbedo’s The Lack
The Lack by Masbedo

Masbedo (Nicolò Massazza and Jacopo Bedogni) will hold the world premiere of their first feature film The Lack [+see also:
interview: Iacopo Bedogni (Masbedo)
film profile
as a special event at Venice Days

Among the top stars of visual arts and motion picture research of our time, Masbedo will be at the centre of an extensive project, Todestriebe, from 3 October next at the Fondazione Merz in Turin. The project will dedicate a solo video exhibition, installations and performances to the duo.

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A multiple feminine portrait, a model of research cinema that succeeds in combining the value of image with a study of the feminine that feeds off ancestral references and contemporary understanding, The Lack represents a new phase – in the same spirit of the Venice Film Festival sections and so important in the context of Venice Days (promoted by ANAC and 100autori) – in the transformation of language and the exchange of creative experiences. 

Produced by Beatrice Bulgari for In Between Art Film in association with Marta Donzelli and Gregorio Paonessa for Vivo Film, The Lack is based on an original theme by Beatrice Bulgari and Mitra Divshali. Photography is by Gherardo Gossi and Giuseppe Domingo Romano, editing and sound design is by Benni Atria and filming took place in Iceland andLisca Bianca on the Aeolian Islands. The film presents four variations on the theme of "failure", represented by six female characters. Each woman is immersed in her own quiet and primitive reality. There are no extras; no-one accompanies these women in their loneliness. Played by Lea Mornar, Xin Wang, Giorgia Sinicorni,Ginevra Bulgari, Emanuela Villagrossi, Cinzia Brugnoli and the young Sofia Di Negro.

"Two years ago Venice Days hosted a film by Masbedo, Tralalà – said the delegate of the independent section at the Venice Film Festival, Giorgio Gosetti – and from there we saw the birth of a friendship and esteem that became fully fledged in the power and originality of their feature-film debut. We believe that, in a year in which Masbedo are absolute stars, it’s particularly important to dedicate one of the Venice Days special events to them, by way of confirming the creativity of Italian artists which has by now safely established itself on the international stage".

(Translated from Italian)

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