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CANNES 2016 Market

First-ever Virtual Reality Days programme to take place at Cannes Film Market


- CANNES NEXT: Virtual reality is the central theme of the third edition of NEXT – the Cannes Film Market pavilion dedicated to the future of cinema

First-ever Virtual Reality Days programme to take place at Cannes Film Market
An image from a previous edition of the NEXT Pavilion

The third edition of the Cannes Film Market's NEXT Pavilion, dedicated to the future of cinema, will run for seven days (from 12-18 May), this year with an expanded venue and a special emphasis on virtual reality. The first-ever VR Days at NEXT in Cannes, which will take place on 15 and 16 May, will screen more than 35 VR films coming from all around the world – an incredible variety that, according to Michel Reilhac, artistic consultant for the VR Days at NEXT, shows "the birth of VR as new media accessible to everyone" and marks the creation of an interactive storytelling experience, as "the spectator experiences empathy with the story, where the story becomes a total experience".

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Here is the 2016 VR Days NEXT programme:

Canadian Genre – VR Film Series:

Body/Mind/Change Redux Teaser – J. Lee WilliamsBlair Renaud
Producer: Ana Serrano (CFC Media Lab Production)

Technolust: the short film – Blair Renaud
Producer: J. Lee Williams (OccupiedVR Production)

The Closet – Ian Tuason
Producer: Ana Serrano (CFC Media Lab Production)       

War of the Dead – Brian RiceTristan CezairAndrew MacDonald
Producer: Kim Creelman

Made in USA VR, a US VR Focus presented by Furious M.:

Invasion ! – Eric Darnell
Producer: Maureen Fan (Baobab Studios)

Repensando a Cuba – Gabriel Lifton-ZoliineAngel Manuel Soto
Producer: Gabriel Lifton-Zoline (RYOT)

The Second Line: A Parade Against Violence – Angel Manuel SotoMatt Ogens
Production company: RYOT & AP

RYOT 360 Reel
Production company: RYOT

Butts: the VR Experience – Tyler Hurd
Producer: Tyler Hurd

Defrost Episode 1: The Awakening – Randal Kleiser
Producers: Tanna FrederickRandal Kleiser (Feral Dog Productions, Randal Kleiser Productions, 3Ality Technica, IM360, Furious M)

Defrost Episode 2: The Best Care – Randal Kleiser
Producers: Tanna FrederickRandal Kleiser (Feral Dog Productions, Randal Kleiser Productions, 3Ality Technica, IM360, Furious M)

Two VR programmes made in France presented by ARTE and Unifrance:

SENS – Charles AyatsArmand LemarchandMarc-Antoine Mathieu
Producer: Marie Blondiaux (RED Corner)

Notes on Blindness – Arnaud ColinartAmaury La BurthePeter MiddletonJames Spinney
Production company: AGAT Films

Jours de tournage – Ma Loute de Bruno Dumon – Fouzi Louahem
Producer: Editions du Bout des Doigts

I, Philip – Pierre Zandrowicz
Production company: Okio

Jet Lag –  Pierre Friquet
Production company: Enfin Bref Productions

Viens! – Michel Reilhac

VR films from Quebec, Canada, presented by SODEC and PHI CENTRE, in collaboration with the QUÉBEC FILM AND TELEVISION COUNCIL:

Nomads: Sea Gypsies – Félix LajeunessePaul Raphaël
Producer: Stéphane Rituit (Felix & Paul Studios)

LeBron James: Striving for Greatness – Félix LajeunessPaul Raphaël
Producer: Stéphane Rituit (Felix & Paul Studios)

Inside the Box of Kurios – Félix LajeunessePaul RaphaëlMichel Laprise
Producers: Stéphane Rituit (Felix & Paul Studios), André Lauzon (Cirque du Soleil Média)

“O” (Teaser) – Félix LajeunessePaul Raphaël / François Blouin
Producer: Stéphane Rituit (Felix & Paul Studios) 

Made in Denmark VR, Two VR projects presented by Makropol:

Ewa (Pilot) – Johan Knattrup Jensen
Producers: Mads Damsbo,  Jakob Hegel (MAKROPOL, Meta Film)

The Doghouse – Johan Knattrup Jensen
Producers: Mads Damsbo (MAKROPOL, Dark Matters and Kanako)

VR DOCUMENTARIES, a selection of VR documentaries curated by IDFA Doc Lab – International Documentary Festival Amsterdam:

DOC Program 1:

Waves of Grace – Gabo AroraChris Milk
Production company: VRSE

Drawing Room – Jan RothuizenSara Kolster

Witness 360:7/7 – Darren Emerson

Doc Program 2:

6 X 9 an immersive experience of solitary confinement – Francesca PanettaLindsay Poulton
Producer: Francesca Panetta (The Guardian)

My Mother’s Wing – Gabo AroraAri Palitz
Production company: VRSE

DMZ: Memories of No Man’s Land – Hayoun Kwon
Production company: Innerspace VR

LoVR – Aaron Bradbury

NEXT VR Focus, A special NEXT program curated by Michel Reilhac, NEXT’s artistic consultant:

Simon – James Hedley

Fabulous – Toby Coffey

Amani – Raymond Van Der Kaaij
Production: Submarine and Terre des Hommes

Sonar – Philip Maas

Summertime – Nir Sa'ar
Producers: Tal HaringInbal Shirin AnlenAdi Lavy (Steamer Lab & Green Productions)

Fan Club (teaser) – Vincent Ravalec
Production company: a_Bahn

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