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Post-apocalyptic film Nightsatan banks on crowdfunding


- A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to finance Christer Lindström’s post-apocalyptic musical feature film - the goal is to raise $60,000

Post-apocalyptic film Nightsatan banks on crowdfunding
Nightsatan by Christer "Chrzu" Lindström

Nightsatan, directed by Finnish filmmaker Christer Lindström (also known as Chrzu), is descibed as a violent and exciting post-apocalyptic feature-length adventure movie that will follow the synthesizer band Nightsatan, a trio of synth warriors who fight to survive and play music to stay sane in the radiation-filled wastelands of Karelia - in the musical year 2037. And in order to achieve this, they are now crowdfunding the development of the film on Indiegogo, a site that over 40,000 film campaigns have so far chosen for crowdfunding.

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The short film that preceded it, Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom, enjoyed a great reception. It was shot in a small sand pit in Finland, and was funded by Finnish Broadcasting company YLE, the Finnish Film Fund and West-Finland’s Film Commission; it went on to become the Finnish genre short film with the highest number of global DVD sales.

Nightsatan will be produced by Jupe Louhelaine, while Ville Muurinen will take care of the cinematography, trying to adapt 1980s nostalgia to a musical format. With independent funding, they aim to create sets, costumes and the whole visual package, as well as to develop product design and all of the film's distinctive post-apocalyptic weapons, epic sets, wasteland fashion, strange characters and mutated creatures that inhabit this laser-metal future.

Other projects have previously successfully got off the ground via the Indiegogo platform. Matt Hullum’s Lazer Team, produced by US company Rooster Teeth, reached $2,480,334, becoming the most-funded film on Indiegogo, and Steve James’ Life Itself, a feature documentary based on Roger Ebert's memoirs, made history by being premiered at the Sundance Film Festival after being funded with Indiegogo.

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