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VENICE 2017 Industry

Venice Gap-Financing Market projects chosen


- The 4th edition of the event is being organised as part of the Venice Production Bridge, which will be held from 31 August-5 September during the 74th Venice Film Festival

Venice Gap-Financing Market projects chosen
Director Mira Fornay

The projects that will be presented at the fourth edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market (1–3 September 2017) have been chosen. The event is being organised as part of the Venice Production Bridge (31 August–5 September 2017, during the 74th Venice Film Festival), to meet the needs of operators asking for more and more opportunities for meetings aimed at launching co-productions.

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The Venice Gap-Financing Market will give the European and international projects chosen the chance to secure full funding through one-to-one meetings with potential and applicable professionals.

During the three days of the Venice Gap-Financing Market, 47 projects in the final stages of development and funding from all over the world will be shown, with: 25 fictional film projects and documentaries; 15 Virtual Reality & Interactive projects, web and TV series; and 7 Biennale College – Virtual Reality projects.

List of selected projects:


European projects

All the Pretty Little Horses – Michalis Konstantatos (Greece/Germany/the Netherlands), Horsefly Productions
Bodyguard of Lies – Charles Matthau (Spain/United States), Babieka Films
Brighton 4 – Levan Koguashvili (Georgia/Bulgaria/Greece), Kino Iberica 
Cook, Fuck, Kill – Mira Fornay (Czech Republic/Slovakia), Cineart TV Prague
Delphine D. – Lara Fremder (Italy), Falest Film
The Dream Girl – Maurizio Braucci (Italy/Ireland/Belgium/United Kingdom), Mir Cinematografica
The Guest [+see also:
film review
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 – Duccio Chiarini (Italy/Switzerland/France), Mood Film
The Veins of the World – Byambasuren Davaa (Germany/Mongolia), Basis Berlin Film Produktion

Non-European projects

Fig Tree – Alamork Marsha Davidian (Israel/Germany/France), Black Sheep Film Production
Inzomnia – Luis Tellez Ibarra (Mexico), Inzomnia Animación
Irene – Celina Murga (Argentina), Tresmilmundos Cine & Cepa Audiovisual
Rafiki – Wanuri Kahiu (South Africa/Germany/France/the Netherlands/Lebanon/Norway/Kenya), Big World Cinema
Road Kill – Yuichi Hibi (United States), DViant Films
Shan Shui – Xiao Yong (China), Way Good Entertainment
The Day I Lost My Shadow [+see also:
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interview: Soudade Kaadan
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 – Soudade Kaadan (Lebanon/France), KAF Productions
The Reports on Sarah and Saleem [+see also:
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 – Muayad Alayan (Palestine/the Netherlands/Germany/Mexico), PalCine Productions
The Science of Fictions – Yosep Anggi Noen (Indonesia), Angka Fortuna Sinema


European projects

Cassandro, the Exotico [+see also:
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 – Marie Losier (France/Guatemala), Tamara Films
Mitra – Jorge Leòn (Belgium/France), Thank You and Good Night Productions
Story of B, the Disappearance of My Mother – Beniamino Barrese (Italy), Nanof 
The Hidden City – Victor Moreno (Spain/France), El Viaje Producciones
The Village – Claire Simon (France), Petit à Petit Production
What Walaa Wants [+see also:
film profile
 – Christy Garland (Denmark/Canada), Final Cut for Real
When the War Comes [+see also:
film review
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 – Jan Gebert (Czech Republic), Pink Productions

Non-European projects

Bisbee ‘17” – Robert Greene (United States), 4th Row Films


7 Lives – Jan Kounen (France), Red Corner
Amrita – Rithy Panh (France/Cambodia/the Netherlands/Germany), CDP
Bloody Sunday – Andrius Lekavicius (Lithuania), Gluk Media
Escape Vroom – Sean O’Reilly (Canada), Arcana Studios
Kinshasa Now – Marc-Henri Wajnberg (Belgium/Congo), Wajnbrosse Productions
Lights – Julien Mokrani (France), Okio-Studio
Melita part 2 – Nicolas Alcala (United States), Future Lighthouse
Passenger – Romain Chassaing (France), Haut et Court
Tornado – Guy Shelmerdine (United States), Dark Corner
Whitehats – Ricard Gras (Germany), Ricard Gras


Father’s Day – Pavel Vesnakov (Bulgaria), Agitprop
The Red Virgin – Paula Ortiz (Spain), Avalon
Narcoamerica – Danny Gavidia (Mexico), Albricias Producción
Of a Different Nature – Mamdooh Afdile and Tone Andersen (Norway), Klar Film AS
Trauma – Miłosz Sakowski and Agnieszka Smoczyńska (Poland), Telemark Sp. Z o.o.


A Day With Hope – E. del Mundo (United States/Philippines), VRSmile
Ice cave – Maja Friis (Denmark), Makropol
My Girl Matryoshka – Nir Saar (Israel, United Kingdom), Independent
ON/OFF – Camille Duvelleroy (France), Bachibouzouk
Spomenik – Ivan Knezevic (Serbia), Black Box
The Little Black Pawn – Quentin de Cagny (France), French Touch Records
The Neighbour – Rudolf Romero Borgart (the Netherlands), Rots Filmwerk

(Translated from Italian)

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