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SAN SEBASTIÁN 2017 Industry

San Sebastián's VI Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum presents 16 projects


- The event will coincide with Films in Progress 32 and Glocal in Progress, the festival's new industry activity, which selected 3 films in post-production

San Sebastián's VI Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum presents 16 projects
An image from last year's V Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum (© SSIFF)

The industry section of the San Sebastián International Film Festival continues growing. The festival will host, from 24 to 27 September, the first edition of Glocal in Progress, which will coincide with the 32th Films in Progress and the sixth Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum. The latter has selected this year 15 projecs submitted from 13 countries, plus one selected at the Ibermedia Workshop to develop film projects from Central America and the Caribbean, which will participate but not compete.

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The selection includes seven first or second works alongside works by acclaimed filmmakers. Some of the participants in the VI Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum have already attended the Festival with other films. These are the projects:

1989 - Alicia Scherson (Chile)
Production: Araucaria Cine

Akelarre – Pablo Agüero (Spain/France)
Production: Sorgin Films, AIE

Borderless – Fernando Frías (Mexico/Netherlands)
Production: Film Tank

Brief Story of the Green Planet (Breve historia del planeta verde) – Santiago Loza (Argentina/Germany)
Production: Constanza Sanz Palacios Films, S.R.L.

Sweet Hell Throughout the Galaxy (Dulce infierno en la galaxia) – Fábio Baldo (Brazil)
Production: Glaz

The Mole Agent [+see also:
film profile
 – Maite Alberdi (Chile)
Production: Micromundo Producciones

El doble más quince [+see also:
film review
interview: Mikel Rueda
film profile
– Mikel Rueda (Spain)
Production: Baleuko

The Saddest Goal (El gol más triste) – Sergio Castro San Martín (Chile/Mexico/Brazil)
Production: Manufactura de películas

Ese fin de semana – Mara Pescio (Argentina)
Production: Maravillacine

The Rust (La Roya) – Juan Sebastián Mesa (Colombia)
Production: Monociclo Cine 

The Consequences (Las consecuencias) – Claudia Pinto Emperador (Spain/Mexico)
Production: Sin Rodeos Films España

Limbo – Mateo Bendesky (Argentina/Chile/Austria)
Production: Volpe Films

Mother Lode – Matteo Tortone (Italy/France)
Production: Malfé Films

Planta permanente – Ezequiel Radusky (Argentina)
Production: Campo Cine

My Tender Matador (Tengo miedo torero) – Rodrigo Sepúlveda (Chile/Argentina)
Production: Forastero 

Ibermedia project (not a competitor):
Whispering (A media voz) – Heidi Hassan y Patricia Pérez (Spain/Cuba/Switzerland/France)
Production: Matriuska Producciones

On the other hand, the first edition of Glocal in Progress (read interview with José Luis Rebordinos) will open opens with three films in Slovenian, Basque and Romanian at the post-production stage. The projects compete for a €10,000 prize for the majority producer of the winning film, the post-production of the film until achieving a DCP copy subtitled in English and Spanish and its possible distribution in Spain. These are the projects:

Dantza [+see also:
making of
interview: Telmo Esnal
film profile
 – Telmo Esnal (Spain)

Erased [+see also:
film review
interview: GoCritic! Interview: Miha M…
film profile
 – Miha Mazzini (Slovenia/Croatia/Serbia)

A Decent Man [+see also:
film review
interview: Hadrian Marcu
film profile
 – Hadrian Marcu (Romania) 

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(Translated from Spanish)

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