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EFADs creates its Vision Paper 2017


- The aim is to forge a strong and sustainable European film industry by 2030

EFADs creates its Vision Paper 2017

The European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) is launching a call to action to tackle the issues that are critical to the future of film and its audiences across Europe and beyond. Over the past 18 months, a think tank has been creating a framework to enable a positive response to the opportunities and challenges arising from the development of the market, regulation and technology.

EFADs’ Vision for European Film in 2030 includes the organisation’s hope that everyone living and working in Europe will be able to access, enjoy and celebrate Europe’s rich diversity of films. Furthermore, the creators of film works, as well as those working throughout the film industry, should be fairly rewarded for their creativity. Another goal is that European film will be acknowledged by audiences and the industry itself as artistically ambitious and relevant so that the market share of European film will grow in all windows and across all formats. Furthermore, European film should take far greater advantage of new technologies. New distribution and promotion tools should help each film, including auteur movies and small, local stories, to connect with their audiences at home, in Europe and across the world. Europe’s cinematic heritage should be widely digitised and made available to the broadest possible audience. 

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Further action points contained within EFADs’ Vision concept are smartly coordinated promotional efforts that will help European films to successfully compete in the commercial international market. Firms such as exhibitors, telecoms outfits, cable companies and VoD services that distribute and exhibit European works should contribute to the production and promotion of European films. The film agencies should be politically independent to guarantee artistic freedom and should have a special role as enablers of risk-taking, experimentation and creative innovation. European film should continue to benefit from public support, but the importance of other financing sources should grow. Last but not least, the industry and the films it makes should be a better place for women and gender equality, but also reflect the diversity of our societies by ethnic group, age, disability, sexual orientation, social background and geographic location. 

To achieve this common vision, EFADs has created an action plan with various key topics on financing, co-production, distribution, promotion, rights management and education. Click here to read the full text of the action plan.

“We call upon all stakeholders to work more closely in developing a supportive eco-system for European film, to share best practice and fulfil a common vision for developing a strong, sustainable and dynamic film sector that connects with wide and varied audiences across Europe and around the world,” conclude the EFADs members. Comments and remarks to this draft text can be sent to by 31 January 2018.

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