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The Romanian National Film Center gives out €10.7 million in production support


- 60 titles have received backing, including six features and shorts in which Romania is a minority co-production country

The Romanian National Film Center gives out €10.7 million in production support
Director Radu Jude, whose Tipografic-Majuscul. 20/20 has received support

The Romanian National Film Center has announced the winners of its sole call for production support in 2017. After more than 200 projects were submitted, the annual total of €10.7 million was eventually handed to 17 fiction feature films, ten fiction feature debuts, five fiction features expected to celebrate Romania's Great Union centenary, 15 documentaries and seven animations.

Of the €10.7 million, approximately €5.25 million went to 17 fiction features by established directors. The winning projects are Radu Jude’s Tipografic-Majuscul. 20/20Bogdan Mirică's BossHoraţiu Mălăele's Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals and Cine-veriteVlad Păunescu's Make-up Booth, Ivan Ostrochovski's The DiscipleAndrei Gruznsniczki's EmilDan Piţa's Ecce Homo - 15 August 7222Alexandru Maftei's The Living Among the DeadMarian Crişan's The Servant, Cristina Iacob's The Orthodox BrigadeNicolae Constantin Tănase's Decent PeopleOvidiu Georgescu's The Silent Conductor, and Napoleon HelmisT&S. Two minority co-productions were also included in the list: Tomasz Waskilewski's Fools and Kohki Hasei's Drunken Fish on the Moon

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Approximately €1.61 million were shared by ten first fiction features: Adrian Sârbu's Simion Liftnicul, Bogdan Mureşanu's 1985Adrian Voicu's The WarningOctav Chelaru's BalaurŞtefan Constantinescu's Man-DogAndrei Huţuleac's Dog Poo GirlTom Wilson's The Last Film of QuixoteEugen Jebeleanu's Inside and Mihai Mălaimare's Winged Schnitzels. The minority co-production Waterfall CEO by Bulgarian director Svetoslav Draganov also received production support in this category.

A further €1.075 million were shared by five “thematic” features, as this year the country is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Great Union, when Transylvania, Moldova and Wallachia became Romania. The same amount was given to 15 documentaries, with a further €1.075 million going to seven animations. Short films and projects in development also received funding.

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