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Five new projects in development backed by the ECAM


- The second edition of the La Incubadora programme, run by The Screen, has selected the upcoming features by Chema García Ibarra and Omar Razzak, among others

Five new projects in development backed by the ECAM
A promo image for Espíritu sagrado by Chema García Ibarra

Working sessions have already begun at the ECAM (Film and Audiovisual School of the Community of Madrid) with the teams behind the five projects that were chosen, in early February, to take part in the second edition of La Incubadora, The Screen’s programme designed to provide advice, support and production services for emerging filmmakers. One year ago, the identities of the first films picked to take part were made public (see the news), and now another batch of excellent projects has been chosen. Standing out among them, on account of the impact that the directors had with their previous works, are Espíritu sagrado, a fantastic film and the feature debut by Chema García Ibarra, which sees production duties entrusted to Leire Apellániz and Ion de Sosa (the latter directed – alongside the helmer of the award-winning short La disco resplandece – The Golden Legend, which took part in the most recent Berlinale), and Matar cangrejos, directed and written by Omar Razzak. The new film by the auteur behind the documentaries Paradiso and The Calm Tempest will be staged by Manuel Arango for Tourmalet Films, and its story will unfold on the Canary Islands.

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Every title selected will not only receive professional advice from renowned industry figures such as Paco Plaza, Ibon Cormenzana and Borja Cobeaga, among others, until next June, but will also get development support to the tune of €10,000. The director of The Friend Zone [+see also:
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 underlined “the strength of the projects taking part in the second edition of La Incubadora. I’m convinced that they will shortly cease to be projects and will become actual films. Their screenplays are very appealing, and their funding and production plans are sensible and meticulous.” For her part, Brigitte Suárez (senior vice-president of The Match Factory) pointed out that “being part of the selection committee allowed me to discover the huge variety and originality of the various different projects presented by young Spanish directors and producers”.

The other three films already in development that have secured the support of La Incubadora are: La mala familia, set to be directed by Nacho A Villar and Luis Rojo, with production duties entrusted to Javi Tasio for BRBR, Garlic & Japónica Films, a drama about three teenagers who are sent to prison for a crime committed some time beforehand; Cinco lobitos, written and directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, and produced by Manuel Calvo for Encanta Films, about a woman who, besides her newborn child, will also have to assume responsibility for taking care of her sick mother, thus reliving her mum’s experience when she was her age; and Ane, helmed by David Pérez Sañudo and featuring a screenplay penned by the director together with Marina Parés Pulido, which is being staged by Katixa de Silva for Amania Films, and is a drama about a mother who discovers that her daughter has not spent the night at home the day after the arrest of two suspected members of ETA.

(Translated from Spanish)

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