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Avalon co-producing the second feature by Liliana Torres


- ¿Qué hicimos mal? is currently being shot in Northern Spain; it reflects on relationship crises by blending reality and fiction, with the director-screenwriter herself starring as the protagonist

Avalon co-producing the second feature by Liliana Torres
Director Liliana Torres

Liliana Torres (Vic, Barcelona, 1980) provided us with a pleasant surprise when her Núria Gago-starring feature debut, Family Tour, was released in 2013 after being shown at film festivals in Warsaw, Milan, Montpellier, Busan and Linz, among others. Now, the filmmaker is taking on a new challenge, as she is working on either side of the camera in ¿Qué hicimos mal? (lit. “What Did We Do Wrong?”), principal photography for which has just begun in Galicia. In this film, Torres will blend moments from her own life experience with other, fictional, ones in much the same vein as, for example, Mapa and Notes for a Heist Film, two León Siminiani features produced by Avalon Producciones, one of the companies throwing their weight behind this movie that is currently being shot.

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The film, which boasts a storyline written by Torres, stars the director herself, Xulio Abonjo (María (and Everybody Else)), Héctor CarballoMelania Cruz (Dhogs) and Jorge Roldán (Diana). Its synopsis tells of how “Lili has been in a steady relationship for a few years. Although everything seems to be running smoothly between her and her partner, there is an underlying despondency in her day-to-day life that is preventing her from being happy. Liliana will revisit her past in order to ask herself: what did we do wrong?” The movie therefore reflects on romantic relationships, the mistakes that couples make and the crises they go through.

“When I first met Liliana – I found out about the project at a lab at the Novos Cinemas Festival in Pontevedra two years ago, where I was actually a tutor – I thought she was a very interesting director,” María Zamora, a producer at Avalon, tells Cineuropa. “I liked this idea she had about how, today, people question romantic relationships a lot more than they did in the past. She herself takes a look back at the most significant relationships in her life, from her first to her last love, pondering how the people involved messed up. She uses an interesting method of fusing the biographical with the fictional, as happens in another of our recent films, Carlos Marqués-Marcet’s The Days to Come.”

¿Qué hicimos mal? – the shoot for which kicked off in Galicia at the end of April, and will take place on location in Seoane do Courel, Ourense and Vigo for three weeks, before heading to Mexico and Italy in September – is a production by Matriuska, Avalon and Miss Wasabi (Isabel Coixet’s company), which has secured backing from TVE, the Regional Government of Galicia and TVG. Its distribution will be handled by Avalon.

(Translated from Spanish)

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