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The World’s Writers Room is launched, inspired by the pandemic


- A new network of scriptwriters from around the globe is aiming to deliver an episodic anthology inspired by, but not limited to, the current situation

The World’s Writers Room is launched, inspired by the pandemic

With creators having to adapt to the new realities of the coronavirus pandemic, a new initiative is being launched to offer a special, dedicated space for professional storytellers. The World’s Writers Room (WWR) is a global collaborative screenwriting project that aims to invite one of the largest assemblages of scriptwriters to all work on a specific episodic television narrative. The intended result of this ambitious project is to launch an anthology series inspired by social and physical distancing due to the lockdowns being imposed.

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At this stage, the members, who hail from various locations and backgrounds – Italy, France, the UK, the USA, Japan, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Romania, Greece and Malta – are using the anthology format and one unified theme, as mini-writers’ rooms will be formed, in which they will work on each episode. According to the initial plans, the stories won’t be limited to genre fare, and there will also be plenty of scope for fun and humour.

Andreas Kyriacou, a Séries Mania Writers Campus alumnus, said: “I believe this will give us a chance to network with colleagues thousands of miles away and, together, to find a common voice on the script page.” Kyriacou is one of the WWR’s coordinating members, along with Martin Bonnici, who added: “This is an opportunity for us all to forge new connections and be part of a larger, international story.”

According to the original idea, the authors will be encouraged to veer away from the apparent keywords of “quarantine”, “lockdown” and “pandemic”, in order to present a diverse and creative result that will be open to a rich variety of interpretations. Eleonora Galasso, a Torino SeriesLab alumna, explained: “The last thing we want is to constrict our writing team to put forward a quick and easy knee-jerk reaction to what is an evolving global pandemic. Our anthology will be built on the values of diversity and openness, acknowledging the spectrum of pain and anxiety that the pandemic continues to wreak worldwide, and making good on the promise of storytelling to help us alleviate some of its most unpleasant after-effects.”

So far, 33 international professional scriptwriters have registered to take part, and according to the team, more than 60 writers are interested in joining at a later stage. Each of the registered writers was asked to fill out an information form as part of the registration process in order to give the WWR a better idea of their inclinations and interests. All of them have a track record of working in cinema and TV as well as having graduated from acclaimed training programmes such as MIDPOINT, Serial Eyes, Torino SeriesLab, Séries Mania and Canneseries.

It is expected that each mini-writers’ room will meet and cooperate using current technological methods that will enable them to avoid any physical contact. The complete series bible is planned to be ready by late summer, and it will be presented to international broadcasters and producers. Also fully aware that the themes of isolation and the pandemic will be overexploited in the near future, the WWR is focusing on the ethnic and gender diversity of its writers as well as the credits they have under their belts. Viewers can expect everything from drama to comedy, horror and science fiction from the WWR’s imminent series.

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