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Spain’s ICAA allocates funds to support film theatres


- The funds will be covering the expense of health prevention measures taken in the wake of COVID-19 and to give exposure to the reopening of cinemas

Spain’s ICAA allocates funds to support film theatres

On 12 August, Spain’s Official State Gazette published a statement saying that the Ministry of Culture and Sport, through the ICAA – Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, had announced the awarding of direct provision grants for film exhibition rooms and for the production of short-films run under a competitive process format. Grants amount to €13,252,000 and €300,000.

Grants directly awarded for film exhibition rooms are aimed at covering the expenses derived from the adoption of health prevention measures since the state of emergency was declared in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, as well as providing exposure to the reopening of cinemas in 2020. The main expenses covered by the grants are: incidentals resulting from the health measures adopted, expenses directly linked to campaigns for the reopening of cinemas to attract film viewers, expenses on the design of measures to strengthen film school programmes and expenses on advertising spots to promote film trailers in cinemas and institutional campaigns.

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Those natural or legal persons who may be eligible for these grants are film exhibition room owners, as well as cinema multiplexes included in the ICAA’s Administrative Registration Office of Cinema Companies before the publication of this grant offer. The maximum amount available will be determined by the number of screens of each cinema or cinema multiplex: €8,000 for one-screen cinemas, €14,000 for two-screen cinema complexes, €20,000 for cinema multiplexes with 3, 4 or 5 screens, €26,000 for those with 6, 7 or 8 screens and €32,000 for those with more than 8 screens.

The same day of this announcement the Official State Gazette also published a resolution calling for grants for the production of short films under a competitive process format. The budget for these grants amounts to €300,000 and a minimum percentage of 35% will be allocated to short films exclusively led by female filmmakers. The maximum amount of grant monies available will be €70,000, which will depend on the expenses previously acknowledged by ICAA.

Both grant applications must be submitted via Ministry’s electronic office of the before 2 September at 14.00h CEST.

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(Translated from Spanish)

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