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Personal stories and social taboos abound in this year’s dok.incubator projects


- The rough-cut training workshop has revealed the creative documentaries that have been selected for its 2022 edition

Personal stories and social taboos abound in this year’s dok.incubator projects
Blix by Greta Stocklassa

The dok.incubator rough-cut training workshop has unveiled the final selection of international documentary projects for its class of 2022. For the coming six months, the teams’ goal will be to improve the cut, dramaturgy and marketing strategy of each film, preparing them for their festival premieres in 2023.

“During the selection process, we searched for films reflecting the current social and political situation. I believe we have brought fresh and diverse perspectives on topics that carry an important message about the world today,” says Andrea Prenghyova, dok.incubator’s CEO.

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The Czech project Blix Not Bombs [+see also:
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by Greta Stocklassa, which has just been pitched in the Czech Docs… Coming Soon industry sidebar of the 2022 East Doc Platform, is among the selected creative documentaries. Stocklassa’s film features an intimate dialogue between the director and former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix, who was tasked with investigating the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Wartime history is also the subject of Vlad Petri’s work Between Revolutions [+see also:
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, produced by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan. The film is composed exclusively of archive images, most of them never seen before, mixing personal with official materials as it tracks the epistolary exchanges between two former university classmates, one Romanian and one Iranian, between the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the Romanian Revolution of 1989, with the Iran-Iraq War in the middle.

A trio of projects grapple with social issues and taboos, with intersexuality being the subject of Tunde Skovran’s Who I Am Not [+see also:
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. The film follows the stories of national beauty queen Sharon Rose Khumalo and intersex activist Dimakatso Sibidi, who “emphasise the diversity of human existence, offering a new depiction of womanhood and femininity that speaks to people of all genders”. The Spanish-German project Light Falls Vertical [+see also:
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, directed by Efthymia Zymvragaki, centres on an abusive man who becomes a critic of violence, “bringing a new perspective on violence and abuse, with a focus on the breaking of violent cycles and the urgent need for a healing process in society”. Italy’s Pure Unknown [+see also:
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by Mattia Colombo unveils the valiant mission of a medical examiner who is striving to uncover the identity of undocumented bodies that end up on her autopsy table. A dysfunctional relationship is at the centre of the Polish project Man of Marble, directed by Szymon Kuriata: Magda is growing more and more frustrated that her partner, Remik, is not taking on his share of the daycare responsibilities for their four-year-old son. Remik decides to rectify his parenting and partnering errors by taking up a job as a construction worker and documenting it on his own YouTube channel, called Man of Marble, so that one day his son “can see that his dad is somebody”.

The selection of Slovak projects was announced previously. The 2022 edition involves four projects, including All Good Everywhere, co-directed by Debora Pastirčáková and Martina Buchelová, following youngsters as they grow up in the Slovak region with the highest unemployment rate, and the effects that this environment has on them. The remaining projects are also team efforts: Caution, Risk of Falling Exhibits! by Jana Durajová and Lena Kušnieriková focuses on the reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery, which has been ongoing for more than ten years; directors Adam Šoltés and Matúš Chovanec have joined forces for City of Dreams, mapping life in one of the biggest Roma communities in Slovakia; and Sabina Pappová and Tomáš Bačo are co-directing On the Edge, which follows a Roma family up close and asks whether there is a way out of generational poverty.

The full list of the films selected for the 2022 dok.incubator international workshop is as follows:

Blix Not Bombs [+see also:
film review
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(Czech Republic/German/Sweden)
Director: Greta Stocklassa
Editor: Jorge Sánchez Calderón
Producer: Petra Dobešová
Production company: Pink Productions, sro

Between Revolutions [+see also:
film review
interview: Vlad Petri
film profile
Director: Vlad Petri
Editor: Cătălin Cristuțiu
Co-editor: Andrei Gorgan
Producer: Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan
Executive producer: Elena Martin
Production company: Activ Docs

Who I Am Not [+see also:
film review
film profile
Director: Tunde Skovran
Editor: Marianna Rudas
Producer: Andrei Zinca
Co-producer: Patrick Hamm
Production company: Double 4 Studios
Co-producer: Bulldog Agenda GmbH

Light Falls Vertical [+see also:
film review
film profile
Director: Efthymia Zymvragaki
Editor: Tin Dirdamal
Producer: Patricia Sánchez Mora
Production company: laudiovisual prod

Pure Unknown (Italy)
Director: Mattia Colombo
Editor: Valentina Cicogna
Producer: Sebastiano Luca Insinga
Production company: Jump Cut

My Missing Aunt (South Korea)
Director: Juyeon Yang
Editor: Duhyun Ko
Producer: Sarah Kang
Producer: Duhyun Ko
Production company: Keumyoil Film Production

The Boy and the Suit of Lights (UK/USA)
Director: Inma de Reyes Casas
Editor: Nick Gibbon
Producer: Ronny Merdinger
Producer: Aimara Reques
Production company: Rustic Canyon Pictures
Co-producer: Aconite Productions Ltd

Man of Marble (Poland)
Director: Szymon Kuriata
Editor: Michał Poddębniak
Co-editor: Patrycja Piróg
Producer: Aneta Zagórska
Production company: Film Kraków

The full list of the films selected for the Slovak edition of dok.incubator 2022 is as follows:

All Good Everywhere (Slovakia)
Directors: Debora Pastirčáková, Martina Buchelová
Editor: Katarína Pavelková
Producer: Michaela Kaliská
Production company: NINJA film

Caution, Risk of Falling Exhibits! (Slovakia)
Directors: Jana Durajová, Lena Kušnieriková
Editor: Alexandra Jonášová
Producer: Ľubica Orechovská
Producer/sales: Arkaitz Basterra
Production company: PubRes Ltd

City of Dreams (Slovakia)
Directors: Adam Šoltés, Matúš Chovanec
Editor: Matúš Chovanec
Producer: Lukáš Berberich
Production company: Cinefil

On the Edge (Slovakia)
Directors: Sabina Pappová, Tomáš Bačo
Editor: Ivan Zmoray
Producer: Tomáš Bačo
Production company: ICAMS sro

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