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HAUGESUND 2022 New Nordic Films

Haugesund’s New Nordic Films announces its Nordic Co-Production Market projects


- A total of 23 new projects in development will be pitched at the market of the leading Norwegian festival

Haugesund’s New Nordic Films announces its Nordic Co-Production Market projects
Director Rasmus Kloster Bro, whose new project Agnes and the Ocean has been selected

The 2022 edition of the New Nordic Films is ready to unspool during the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund from 23-26 August, and the leading industry event has announced its Work in Progress selection (news). At the 17th edition of the Nordic Co-Production Market, a selection of 23 projects will be presented to accredited professionals on Wednesday 24 August.

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Among the selected projects are Agnes and the Ocean, a modern-day fairytale about a mother’s quest to save her daughter by Denmark’s Rasmus Kloster Bro (Cutterhead [+see also:
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), Baroque Film, the sophomore feature by Finnish scriptwriter Jan Forsström, the political drama Between the Hammer and the Sickle by Heikki Kujanpää (Laugh or Die), and the survival story Container, the sophomore feature by Estonia’s Arun Tamm (Bad Hair Friday).

In The Pallid Night by Latvia’s Renārs Vimba (Mellow Mud [+see also:
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) a couple tries to find balance in their traumatic relationship, known for his debut feature Inland [+see also:
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and his latest documentary The Count [+see also:
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, Sweden’s Jon Blåhed is developing Raptures, a story based in true events set in far north of Sweden in the 1930s, while Uncle Egg - Searching for a Dad by Norwegian writer-director Torfinn Iversen (Oskar’s Amerika [+see also:
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) is enriched by his personal experiences and deals with a young boy in search of his as-yet-unmet biological father.

Among the selected projects, there are 12 that are by Nordic debutant directors and those include, three project from Norway, Don't Call Me Mum by Nina Knag, Europe by Brwa Vahabpour, Recycled by Ida Eldøen, seven from Sweden, The Blowfish by Elin Övergaard, The Braid by Angelika Abramovitch, Glass Disease by Elina Sahlin, The Love Pill by Naures Sager, Porcelain by Ann Holmgren, The Soft Skin by Minka Jakerson, The Swedish Connection by Thérèse Ahlbeck and Marcus A. Olsson, along with the Danish-Hungarian project Stranger by Mads Hedegaard, and Anything For Her by Andrias Høgenni from Faroe Islands.

Here is the complete selection of the 17th Nordic Co-Production Market:

A Gift To My MotherAaron Brookner (UK/Finland)
Producer: Paula Alvarez Vaccaro (Pinball London)
Co-producer: Pauliina Stahlberg (Dio)

Adventureland - The ArrowÞórunn Lárusdóttir (Iceland)
Producer: Guðný Guðjónsdóttir (Ursus Parvus)
Co-producers: Hlín Jóhannesdótti (Projects), Anna Bergljót Thorarensen (A Whole Lotta Love), Þórunn Lárusdóttir

Agnes and the OceanRasmus Kloster Bro (Denmark)
Producer: Amalie Lyngbo Quist (Beo Starling)

Anything For Her Andrias Høgenni (Faroe Islands)
Producers: Rikke Tambo Andersen, Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard (Tambo Film ApS)

Baroque FilmJan Forsström (Finland)
Producer: Elli Toivoniemi (Tuffi Films)

Between the Hammer and the SickleHeikki Kujanpää (Finland/Estonia)
Producer: Ilkka Matila (MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy)
Co-producer: Kristian Taska (Taska Film)

The BlowfishElin Övergaard (Sweden)
Producers: Charlotte Most, Maria L Guerpillon (MostAlice Film AB)

The BraidAngelika Abramovitch (Sweden)
Producers: Annika Hellström, Erika Malmgren (Cinenic Film)

ContainerArun Tamm (Estonia/Norway)
Producer: Madis Tüür (Allfilm OÜ)
Co-producer: Magnus Kristiansen (20/20 Pictures AS)

Der FleckWilly Hans (Germany/Switzerland)
Producers: Julia Cöllen, Karsten Krause, Frank Scheuffele (Fünferfilm UG)
Co-producer: Michela Pini (8Horses)

Don't Call Me MumNina Knag (Norway)
Producer: Eleonore Anselme (Hummelfilm AS)

EuropeBrwa Vahabpour (Norway)
Producer: Renée Hansen Mlodyszewski (True Content Production Norway)

Glass DiseaseElina Sahlin (Sweden)
Producer: Christian Kielberg (Makeriet AB)
Co-producer: Anders Justin (Film västernorrland)

In the Pallid LightRenārs Vimba (Latvia/Iceland/Finland)
Producer: Aija Bērziņa (Tasse Film)
Co-producers: Birgitta Bjornsdottir (Vintage Pictures), Arto Halonen (Art Films Production)

The Indian RoadEmiliano Goessens (Sweden)
Producer: Håkan Hammarén (Fundament Film Gbg)

The Love PillNaures Sager (Sweden)
Producer: Michael Detlef (The Uneven)

PorcelainAnn Holmgren (Sweden/Norway)
Producers: Andreas Emanuelsson, Tony Österholm (Iris Film AB)
Co-producer: Alexander Olai Korsnes (Rein Film AS)

RapturesJon Blåhed (Sweden/Finland)
Producers: Andreas Emanuelsson, Tony Österholm (Iris Film AB)
Co-producer: Tiina Pesonen (Rabbit Films Oy)

RecycledIda Eldøen (Norway)
Producer: Bente Maalen (Blaane Film AS)

The Soft SkinMinka Jakerson (Sweden/Denmark)
Producers: Annika Hellström, Erika Malmgren (Cinenic Film)
Co-producers: Signe Leick Jensen, Morten Kaufmann (Toolbox Film)

StrangerMads Hedegaard (Denmark/Hungary)
Producer: Andreas Hjortdal (MOTOR ApS)
Co-producer: Viktoria Petranyi (Proton Cinema)

The Swedish ConnectionThérèse Ahlbeck, Marcus A. Olsson (Sweden/Denmark/Belgium)
Producer: Julia Gebauer (Way Creative Films)
Co-producers: Amalie Lyngbo Hjort (Beofilm), Cloe Garbay (Umedia)

Uncle Egg - Searching for a DadTorfinn Iversen (Norway/Germany)
Producer: Julia Andersen (Fjordic Film AS)
Co-producer: Anette Unger (Leitwolf)

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