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DOK LEIPZIG 2023 DOK Industry

DOK Leipzig's Co-Pro Market selects 35 projects


- The selection includes feature-length, animated and serialised documentaries that explore pressing issues of our time, expand the genre of true crime and offer outlooks on the future

DOK Leipzig's Co-Pro Market selects 35 projects
Divia by Dmytro Hreshko

DOK Leipzig has announced the selection of projects for the 19th edition of its DOK Co-Pro Market, set to run on 9 and 10 October. It includes 35 projects from 30 countries that will have the opportunity to find international financing and co-production partners. This year has seen an increase in the number of submissions, totalling 316 projects.

Some titles examine the impact of the war currently raging in Ukraine, including Halyna LavrynetsOmelko’s House or Guests from Kharkiv, co-produced by Alexandra Bratyshchenko and Peter Kerekes (Fragile Memory [+see also:
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), Olga Stuga’s Second Line, and Dmytro Hreshko’s Divia.

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Displacement and migration are addressed in Sanhah Lee’s Be My Guest Worker, Tanim Yousuf’s Ghost Boat (co-produced by Bulldog Agenda, of This Rain Will Never Stop [+see also:
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fame), Ahmet Petek’s Ben û Sen and Grzegorz Paprzycki’s December (produced by Telemark, also at DOK Preview Training 2022 with Pianoforte [+see also:
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Three projects expand the genre of true crime, using unique artistic perspectives and intricate storytelling: Tamara Erde’s Shaina 13 to 15, produced by Enrica Capra (No Dogs or Italians Allowed [+see also:
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), Lene Berg’s The Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Loris G Nese's Last Time.

Some docs delve into the theme of youth in the context of current realities, such as Eleftherios Panagiotou’s Asphaltos, Victoria Álvares and Quentin Delaroche’s PULSE, and Aygul Bakanova’s Overtones (working title), as well as the documentary series about youth and cyberbullying I Don't Want to Say Goodbye by Carola Fuentes (La Ventana Cine).

Other projects contemplate the future and conjure up alternative visions of society, such as Artificial Clouds by Josefina Buschmann and Tristan Ferland Milewski’s ZOOTOPIA.

Furthermore, this year’s Co-Pro Market selection showcases four creative animated documentaries: Corine Shawi’s Just like a Dream, Alaa Dajani’s How Many Nights How Many Days?, Chloe Fairweather’s Rabbit and Hsieh Sheng-Hung’s Wind and View.

The selection also includes projects that the DOK Industry team scouted at trusted partner training initiatives and film markets, such as Maris Salumets' War on Women (East Doc Platform), Bev Ditsie's Eaglette – A Superstar Erased (Durban FilmMart) and Bissan Tibi's One Street in Silwan (CoPro Israel).

Here is the full list of DOK Co-Pro Market projects:

Artificial Clouds - Josefina Buschmann (Chile) 
Production company: Mimbre Films

Asphaltos - Eleftherios Panagiotou (France)
Production company: Cellulo Prod

Barbara Hammer Project - Brydie O'Connor (USA)
Production company: Barbara Forever LLC

Be My Guest Worker - Sanhah Lee (South Korea/Germany)
Production company: autumn song production

Ben û Sen - Ahmet Petek (France)
Production company: Dryades Films

The Conspiracy of the Nobodies - Martín Rocca (Spain)
Production company: Producciones del Barrio

December - Grzegorz Paprzycki (Poland/Lithuania)
Production companies: Telemark, Just A Moment

Divia - Dmytro Hreshko (Ukraine/Poland)
Production companies: UP UA STUDIO, Gogol Film

Djeliya, Memory of Manding - Boubacar Sangaré (Burkina Faso/Mali/Senegal/Ivory Coast)
Production companies: Pilumpiku Production, Sunuy Films, D’S Productions, Lully Grace Production

Eaglette – A Superstar Erased - Bev Ditsie (South Africa)
Production company: Storyscope

The Forty Girls - Mohammad Ali Sheida (Afghanistan)
Production company: Rowzana Production 

GENESIS - Daria Yurkevich (Belarus/Germany) 
Production company: JYOTI Film

Ghost Boat - Tanim Yousuf (Bangladesh/Germany)
Production companies: Bulldog Agenda GmbH, Mastul Productions

The Home Movie - Anu Czerwinski (Poland)
Production company: My Way Studio

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Lene Berg (Norway)
Production company: Twentyone Pictures            

How Many Nights How Many Days - Alaa Dajani (Egypt/Germany)
Production company: Seera Films

I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye - Carola Fuentes (Chile)
Production company: La Ventana Cine

Just like a Dream - Corine Shawi (Lebanon)

Last Time - Loris G Nese (Italy)
Production company: Lapazio Film

Letters from Home - Xin Fang (China)

Lisa - Frederik Arens Grandin (France)
Production company: Petit à Petit Production

Omelko’s House or Guests from Kharkiv - Halyna Lavrinets (Ukraine)
Production company: Eleron Pictures

One Street in Silwan - Bissan Tibi (Israel)
Production company: Na Productions

Overtones (working title) - Aygul Bakanova (Kyrgyzstan/Germany)
Production companies: Choku Film, if... Productions GmbH

Prison Honey - Jonas Eisenschmidt, Constanze Wolpers (Germany)
Production company: radpaar films

PULSE - Victoria Álvares, Quentin Delaroche (Brazil)
Production company: Revoada Filmes

The Quiet Part - Rachel Lauren Mueller (USA) 
Production company: The Quiet Part, LLC

Rabbit - Chloe Fairweather (UK)
Production company: Enemy Films

Second Line - Olga Stuga (Ukraine/France)
Production companies: EP Olga Stuga, Habilis Productions    

Shaina 13 to 15 - Tamara Erde (France)
Production company: Tag Film

The Star - Alejandro Alonso (Cuba/France)
Production companies: Estudio ST, Vega Alta Films

Untying the Knot - Chona Mangalindan (Philippines/UK)
Production company: Mediadante

War on Women - Maris Salumets (Estonia)
Production company: AllFilm

Wind and View - Sheng-Hung (Sean) Hsieh (Taiwan/Japan)
Production company: Moolin Films

ZOOTOPIA - Tristan Ferland Milewski (Germany)
Production company: CORSO Film

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