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StoryTANK is poised to demonstrate the sheer power of stories


- The European think tank will bring together screenwriters and multidisciplinary researchers for a special two-day, live-streamed event

StoryTANK is poised to demonstrate the sheer power of stories
A previous edition of StoryTANK

Following three years of persuasive interactions via the internet and YouTube, StoryTANK has established itself in Rennes (Brittany, France) for a series of public events set to be streamed live on YouTube. Over the course of two days (1-2 December), the private methodologies of fiction writers and the influence of their narratives on our existence will be scrutinised, investigated and elucidated upon.

StoryTANK, initiated by Le Groupe Ouest, thus transcends boundaries, uniting two seemingly distinct worlds: that of screenwriters and that of multidisciplinary researchers exploring realms ranging from anthropology to philosophy. This convergence aims to build a European coalition, fostering dialogue and insights into the birth of stories, and their profound influence on human lives and connections. The mission is clear: to create a space where storytellers' intimate craft intertwines with the realms of those exploring the intricacies of humanity. Here, a diverse ensemble of thinkers and creators converge, delving deep into the genesis of narratives and the profound transformations they instigate in our lives.

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StoryTANK’s “factory of storytelling” presents a chance to unite individuals, delving into the essence of life and the profound impact that stories have on their experiences, alongside those responsible for crafting contemporary fictional realms.

The event boasts a stellar line-up, featuring accomplished individuals such as Danish screenwriter Julie Budtz Sørensen, Polish poet and screenwriter Bohdan Piasecki, German screenwriter and director Jan Schomburg, and French-Greek screenwriter Aurélie Valat, who will be involved in exchange sessions.

On Friday 1 December, the discussions kick off at 10 am with a session conducted in French, contemplating the transformative power of narratives. Questions surrounding the influence of fiction on our lives, our ability to resonate with specific fictions and how stories course through our very existence will be explored. Leading this conversation will be Nancy Murzilli, a philosopher and literature theorist, alongside David Le Breton, an anthropologist and sociologist.

Later, at 4 pm, the focus shifts to stories as a means of healing in a world grappling with crises, during a session held in English. Can narratives aid in preventing a descent into chaos? Roberto Beneduce, an ethnopsychiatrist and anthropologist, joins forces with Tamara Russell, a neuroscience and martial-arts specialist, to delve into the potential of stories for individual and collective reconstruction.

On Saturday 2 December, the day commences at 10 am with discussions, again in French, navigating the vast expanse of imagination and the creation of intricate fictional worlds. Drawing on the “Theory of the Rhizome”, Anne Querrien, a sociologist and urban planner, teams up with Nancy Murzilli to explore imagination as a space for collaboration and the proliferation of possibilities.

The event culminates in a session at 3 pm, held in English, exploring the democratisation of storytelling fuelled by neuroscience revelations. Can we all tap into our creative genius and craft imaginative realms? Samah Karaki, a neuroscience researcher, takes to the stage with Tamara Russell to shed light on this fascinating topic.

All of the sessions can be followed live on the StoryTANK YouTube channel.

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