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CINERGIE March 2005



In this new edition of Cinergie, you can find our monthly list of the Belgian films currently shown on screen (amongst which the much acclaimed documentary Darwin’s Nightmare and the more violent Calvaire, by Fabrice du Welz), broadcasted on TV, or released in DVD (as, for instance, Benoît Mariage’s beautiful second feature film, L’Autre, and the HD movie HOP !, a tragi-comic epopeia by Dominique Standaert ).
One of this month’s special features is a focus on Harry Cleven, including a video interview. His latest film Trouble, is currently competing in Brussels at the BIFFF (the Belgian International Fantastic Film Festival. Other special features this month are the video interviews of Frédéric Fonteyne and José-Luis Peñafuerte, on the set of his new project, Aguaviva.
Furthermore, this month’s cinergie includes an interview with the director of La femme de Gilles —who told us about his meetings with the public— as well as the full transcript of Thierry Michel’s speech on cultural diversity before the council of the French Community in Belgium. Special attention is given to Frédéric Sojcher’s book, which consists in a selection of interviews with André Delvaux and is soon to be published by Les Éditions du Seuil. It is entitled André Delvaux, le cinéma ou l’art des rencontres. The book also reports conversations with other directors talking about Delvaux. Cinergie allows you to discover, as a foretaste before the book’s official release, the introduction (by Frédéric Sojcher) and the interviews of Jean-Jacques Adrien and Alain Berliner.

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