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Cinema Commission: 10 Films Financed


Ten feature films considered to be of "national cultural interest" were approved for financing by theCinema Commission , part of the Ministry of Culture’s Film Board. The films and their respective allocated funds are: Maradona - La mano di Dio by Marco Risi, 1,875,000 euro Le concile de Pierre by Guillaume Nicloux, 960,000 euro (no percentage of which can go towards for foreign sales); Liolà by Gabriele Lavia, for a total of 1,875,000 euro; Ancora by Maria Sole Tognazzi, 650,000 euro; Facciamo pace by Eduardo Tartaglia, 740,000 euro; Hotel Meina by Carlo Lizzani, for a total of 1,875,000 euro; Donkey Xote by Josè Pozo, 1,700,000 euro (no percentage of which can go towards for foreign sales); Perturbazioni by Guido Chiesa, 325,000 euro (to be used only for production); L'uomo di vetro by Stefano Incerti for 1,650,000 euro; and L'uomo privato by Emidio Greco, 1,850,000 euro.

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The commission convened on September 14-15 to decide upon financing for six debut feature films and ten short films. The six debut features, and their respective financing, are as follows:
Lascia perdere Johnny by Fabrizio Bentivoglio – 950,000 euro
Nodi by Stefano Coletta – 800,000 euro
Maddalena by Massimiliano Mancini – 750,000 euro
Agente matrimoniale by Cristian Bisceglia – 700,000 euro
Notte prima degli esami by Fausto Brizzi – 800,000 euro
16 lune by Chiara Caselli – 500,000 euro

The 10 short films, which will receive 40,000 euro each, are:
Musika rom by Stefano Alpini
Johnny lo Zingaro by Emanuele Del Greco
I bambini nascosti degli Archi della Lapa by Marco Guidone
La dolce via by Marco Colli
In amore by Andrea Menghini
Tulipani by Giuseppe Mezzapesa
Una strana infedeltà by Livio Rositani
In hora ultima by Marco Zarrelli
E l'amore? by Pierpaolo Gay
Sipario by Ottavio Ciro Zanetti

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(Translated from Italian)

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