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Marriage, what a nightmare!


"My film can be read in a number of ways, but basically it is the story of a person who thinks she’s in control of her life but discovers that she its not like that because external forces come into play, like family and friends, which impose different choices". This is the theme of Il giorno + bello (lit. “The Best Day”) according to its director, Massimo Cappelli, making his feature debut after several short films, including Toilette, which won awards at various festivals.

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The story's two "heroes" are Leo and Nina (Fabio Troiano and Violante Placido), who are also a couple in real-life. He works in a bank, and is determined and calm, with parents who are slightly bigoted and traditional (Patrizia Loreti and Sergio Di Giulio); she is an alternative girl, complete with piercings, the daughter of a couple of ‘68 protesters (Carla Signoris and Shel Shapiro).

Unexpectedly, Nina (short for Lenina...) asks Leo to marry her, promising that theirs will be a very different wedding, not at all following the conventional route. From that moment on everything changes, and becomes a desperate but failing struggle to go against the conformism associated with weddings. Thus, the couple have to tackle the list of compulsories: lunch with the parents, the choice of the witnesses, the church, the wedding list, the gifts, the pre-ceremony sexual temptation (from no less than the porn star Selen)...

The only non-conventional element will be the man taking the ceremony: a Marxist priest played by Giorgio Colangeli, confirming his talent after L'aria salata [+see also:
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, which won him the Best Actors prize at the RomeFilmFest. BR>
Il giorno + bello, produced by Amedeo Bacigalupo for Nuvola Film, will be released in cinemas from November 3, on approximately 60 screens, by Warner Bros and Videa CDE.

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