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ESRA Group

updated 20/04/2021

Presentation & Philosophy:
ESRA is a French Film School, created in 1972. It is the only private school entitled by the French government to issue and deliver a Bachelor (Bac+3) and a Master (Bac+5) State Degree.
ESRA alumni include over 6,000 active professionals in the film industry. ESRA alumni work in the fields of cinema, television, music, sound engineering and animation film.
Based in Paris, ESRA also has campuses in Nice and Cannes, on the French Riviera, since 1988, and in Rennes since 1999 and in Brussels since 2015.
Each campus includes a Film/Television department (ESRA), a Sound Engineering department (ISTS) and an Animation Film department (ESRA 3D).
Those three year bachelor programs allow students to learn all the aspects of each of their fields before chosing a major in third year.

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ESRA graduates can sign up for an optional fourth year of studies in NYC, during which they take lessons in English and shoot a short movie, in collaboration with Stonestreet Studios.
Two masters degree also exist in Production and Distribution and in Screenwriting and Directing.
The ESRA Group also offers an International Filmmaking Bachelor for foreign students as well as summer programs in directing, screenwriting and cinematography, taught in English.

ESRA also includes a Continuing Education department, which welcomes professionals and amateurs for further training courses ranging from 1 week to 9 months in length.

Number of students/ full-time/ part-time workshops: 2,200

Number of students in film/animation studies: 1,500

Number of international students: 50

Number of teachers: N/A

Degree category / length of studies:
Bachelor’s degree (3 years)
Master’s degree (2 years after a Bachelor)

Programme objective and content of the Bachelors:
Film Department:
This three-years program in cinema and television gives students a wide vision of filmmaking. It is theoretical and practical and covers all the necessary knowledge and experience for students to start working directly after graduating. For the third year, the students have to choose a major between: directing for Film, directing for TV, directing for series, Cinematography, Production, Editing and Visual effects

Sound Department:
This three-years program in sound engineering gives students a wide vision of sound design. The first two years give them a general vision of all roles and responsibilities involved in a sound production while teaching them not only the practical aspect of sound but also the theoretical approach of sound design, music, history and culture. For the third year, the students have to choose a major between: studio recording, live recording, radio broadcast, sound design and sound recording for movies.

3D Animation Department:
The three-years program in 3D animation gives students theoretical knowledge of storytelling and framing for animation movies as well as intensive practical training using software like Toon Boom, MAYA, ZBrush, RedShift, Adobe After Effect and Nuke. Students graduate in their third year with an animated short movie.

Entry requirements:
The application process depends on your chosen program :

You can apply at for :
Rennes : All programs
Brussels : All programs
Paris : Masters degrees and International program,

For those programs, applicants must :
be a high school graduate in France (or international equivalent)
send a cover letter to introduce themselves and describe their objectives
pass an interview with a teacher
pass a multiple-choice questions test of general knowledge
take part in a film analysis group debate

For Paris’ and Nice’s bachelors, French applicants have to apply through Parcoursup (French web platform for higher education), and through Campus Art for international students.

School Information:
PARIS: 135, Avenue Felix Faure, 75015 Paris, FRANCE
NICE: 9, Quai des Deux Emmanuel, 06300 Nice, FRANCE /
CANNES : Campus de la Bastide Rouge (UCA) 230 avenue Francis Tonner 06150 Cannes, FRANCE
RENNES: 1, rue Xavier Grall, 35700, Rennes, FRANCE
BRUXELLES : 34, rue du Beau Site 1000 Brussels, BELGIUM

E-mail for general contact:

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