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Filmakademie Wien

updated 07/06/2016

Film Academy Vienna (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) - Austria


Presentation & Philosophy

The Film Academy Vienna is an artistically innovative center for education and training in filmmaking and media design at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, oriented toward a vital form of cross-disciplinarity, toward passions for artistic, creative discovery, and toward theoretical, reflective debate as well as the practice of taking critical positions in the global age of the media.

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What began in 1951 as a special course in filmmaking - a class at the former Academy for Music and Performing Arts - is today a prosperous, internationally recognized institute within the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. The work of the Film Academy Vienna consists of artistic production, with emphasis being placed on analysis and development of the arts involved. In addition, since March 2012, when a professorship in Media and Film Studies was created, theory and research have also been essential components of the institute‘s activity.

The Film Academy Vienna offers an outstanding general framework for teaching and research as well as for the development of critical awareness and for the students‘ discovery of their personal potential.


Number of students: 130

Number of foreign students: 35

Number of teachers: 22 (permanent), 35 (non-permanent)

Notable alumni: Jessica Hausner, Barbara Albert, Martin Gschlacht, Hubert Sauper

Notable teachers: Michael Haneke, Wolfgang Murnberger, Götz Spielmann, Wolfgang Thaler

Degree category / length of studies:

The course offerings of the Film Academy Vienna consist of five parallel Bachelor’s degree programmes (6 semesters):

Screenwriting and Dramaturgy
Camera Technology and Cinematography

Continuing from which there are also six Master’s degree programmes (4 semesters):
Screenwriting and Dramaturgy
Camera Technology and Cinematography

Digital Art - Compositing

Since 2012 students can register for the doctoral programme Media and Film Studies at the Film Academy Vienna. Within the course of the artistic Bachelor and Master degree programmes, this subject can also be chosen as an area of focus within the scope of a module.

Programme objective and content:
Screenwriting and Dramaturgy - The Foundation
It is above all by writing that one learns to write. In the courses we offer, we aim at supporting and inspiring the students in their writing and at providing them with the tools of the writing craft. What remains most important, however, is the writing itself.
Professor: Götz Spielmann

Camera Technology and Cinematography - Giving Form to Authenticity
What is of fundamental importance is the acquisition of a precise mastery of photographic skills, because only then can pictures be so fittingly “painted” with camera and light that they become a part of the story.
Professors: Thomas Benesch, Wolfgang Thaler

Production - International Standards
The creative gifts of those who produce films lead to the launching of new projects, they guide and coordinate the development of material and are present as a constructive element in all phases of the production process. This, however, also requires learning the essentials of film manufacture as a craft.
Professor: Danny Krausz

Directing - What can be taught?
In order to be able to make films, one has to discover one‘s very own, unmistakably personal potential - a thorny and often frustrating struggle for emancipation from models that were found too easily, from prejudices, lassitude, discouragement and self-deceit. Perhaps we could be helpful companions on the journey that leads to the discovery of the roots of each individual‘s personal gifts.
Professors: Michael Haneke, Wolfgang Murnberger  

Editing - Finding the Film
The editing room is where the writing of the script is completed. This is where the decisions are made as to how the filmed material should be assembled so that the story can best be told. Those who love the material will be able to recognize its possibilities, and in these possibilities they will find the finished film.
Professor: Michael Hudecek

Digital Art - Compositing
Creativity, technical aptitude and passion characterize the digital artist. Working with images from various sources - film, photography, painting, animation - he/she forms from these components a new entity.
Professor: Martin Stegmayr

Film and Media Studies - Critical Reflection
Central to the learning and training process is dialogue, dialogue at the intersection of practice and theory, at the points of encounter between art and scholarly knowledge. Greater knowledge gives more depth to creative, critical thinking and opens up enormous room for individual curiosity.
Professor: Claudia Walkensteiner-Preschl

Entry requirements:
Entrance examinations are held once a year. In order to be admitted to the bachelor‘s and master‘s programs at the Film Academy Vienna, candidates must pass the four-part entrance examination and be proficient in German.

Application deadline for the bacherlor‘s program: end of February
Application deadline for the master‘s program: end of May


Institut für Film und Fernsehen/Filmakademie Wien

Metternichgasse 12

A-1030 Wien

T: 0043 1 71155-2902

F: 0043 1 71155-2999



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