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Stockholm Film School

updated 08/04/2020

Stockholm Film School


Stockholm Film School, founded in 1984, is an association dedicated to education that focuses entirely on practical filmmaking. We offer a two years programme and several short courses within specific areas of filmmaking.

As the Stockholm Film School is run by a non-profit association, it is the association members that shape the school and the school orientation.

One important element in the school governance is student influence and our students have representatives on the board meetings. Together the board and the students develop the school we want to have today and in the future.

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Stockholm Film School has a long experience of professional filmmaking and teaching.

Stockholm Film School focuses on learning through practical work.

Dedicated teachers and small teaching groups characterize the school. The studies in Stockholm's film school have a very high and intense rhythm. The students go from idea to screenplay, then to concrete filmmaking and then to all postproduction (editing, sound design, etc.). All projects are always concluded with an evaluation of the film and process made. There are intentions and there are results. This moment for reflection is one of the most important steps in our teaching.

Then we start again with a new project and a new idea.

The high tempo of teaching works also as a training for the high-tempo that characterizes the professional work of filmmaking


One foundation in our model is to point out the cardinal importance of storytelling present within all disciplines and a basis to get a good education in scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, sound and production. Our student inspires us. We are proud of all our students, many of whom work successfully both in Sweden and internationally, and we are confident that our model has an important part in this!

We believe that the most important asset of our students is their creativity and drive to make a film.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH - Tuition fee 12000 euro + 50 euro appl.fee
The International Film Production program is a two semester intensive full-time course.
During the two semesters you study script writing, directing, cinematography, film production, sound and editing, through practical exercises as well as seminars and lectures. The aim is to foster creators of narrative film with international potential.
You learn the basics of the complex profession of the filmmaker. As a director you learn to process a text and analyze the characters. You participate in workshops with actors while practicing directing and you train in how to pitch your ideas. As a cinematographer you will become familiar with different kinds of professional camera equipment and learn about lighting in different environments.
The last round of applications for the International Film Production Program opens on March 20th!

LANGUAGE: SWEDISH (only for Scandinavians and residents) - Tuition fee 87000 SEK/year
Practical Film Training is a two-year education aimed at you wanting to take the step into the film industry. You are trained in screenwriting, directing, production, photography, sound, light, editing and film analysis. Through practical exercises in the studio environment and outdoors, you will learn about the artistic as well as the technical aspects of filmmaking. In addition to lessons and practical filmmaking, you also participate in workshops with professional actors and participate in seminars with people from the film industry. The second year ends with an internship where you get the chance to learn "out in the field" while making invaluable contacts for the future.
Practical Film Education is covered by the CSN.
Application for Practical Film Training opened January 31

INTENZIO – INTENSIVE COURSE IN 10 WEEKS (evenings 18.00 - 21.00)
Intenzio is an intensive course where you learn the basics of what you need for a movie to be created, including; script, direction, cinematography, audio, editing and producing. The course gives you training in script writing and cinematography; imaging, camera functions and lighting. You learn how to give personal instructions to actors, scene capture and converting an idea from script to movie. Additional to this you also learn how to handle lights, filters and camera equipment and plan a recording. You will review audio recording equipment and how to handle and select the right microphone. Over the course, we will also go through how to make a movie budget and to pitch your idea for the financiers. The course gives you practice in making movies with other people.
Application for Intenzio opens in June.

Occasionally, we arrange workshops and short courses in film-making and acting for screen.
These courses usually last over a couple of days and are directed for those who are already working in the film industry, to achieve a deeper understanding for your profession and/or try new areas in film.


Stockholms Filmskola
Karusellplan 13, 2tr
12631 Hägersten
Tel +46 (0) 8 616 00 35

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